Snapchat's new thread in Group Chats is a helpful update.

Snapchat Just Added A Ton Of Updates To Make Group Chats Way Better

Making those hectic group chats so much more manageable.

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Snap

Get ready for an improved Snapchat experience that’ll totally make things easier to connect with your BFFs in 2022. Snap unveiled new tools and features that’ll make group chats so much better, including the ability to reply to an individual message in Group Chats. Snapchat’s new thread in Group Chats will certainly help you keep track of all your convos, and it’s only one of the helpful updates being implemented. Here’s a look at the new features you can find on the app.

Snap shared details of its updates — including the new thread in Group Chats — for the new year on Jan. 12. They’re all about giving users more ways to interact with their friends — and of course, making the experience even more fun. The new tools and features are available for Snapchat users across both Android and iOS platforms.

If you’ve ever been in a Group Chat that’s blowing up, then you know that it can get tricky to keep track of who is responding to who as the messages come in way too quickly. That’s why Snapchat’s new Chat Reply function allows you to respond to the specific message you’d like, and by doing so, start an individual Chat thread. Simply hold down the message you want to respond to in Chat and then tap reply to begin an individual Chat thread.

Courtesy of Snap

Of course, video and audio calling on Snap is a fan-favorite way for users to connect with friends. To take things to the next level, Snap rolled out an improved interface for video and audio calling — making it easier to preview who’s in a group call before you decide to hop in as well as add lenses to your video.

For even more fun on Snap, you’ll want to try out the new Bitmoji Reactions, which gives you the ability to react to any message with a Bitmoji. There are seven Bitmojis you can choose from, so you’ll be able to fully express your feelings about your besties latest message with a cute, animated face. There’s also the new Poll Stickers, which allows you to survey your followers on your Snaps and Stories. The Poll Stickers use Emojis rather than text for responses, and you can customize your own Polls using Emojis available on iOS and Android. To start a Poll, head to the Sticker folder and select the new feature. BTW, responses to polls are not anonymous, in order to prevent cyberbullying.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on all the new features, it’s time to start spicin’ up your Snaps for 2022.