Trump Blocked Chrissy Teigen On Twitter For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Spike

Donald Trump has had enough. After years of Chrissy Teigen taunting, teasing, and criticizing Trump on Twitter, the president has apparently grown tired of the model after she sent him one last insult: "no one likes you." On Tuesday, June 25, Teigen tweeted the evidence of the president's move:

Now, for the sake of accuracy, there's a correction that has to be made. Teigen didn't say, "lol no one likes you," exactly. The record shows that she actually said something different: "Lolllllll no one likes you."

The 31-year-old celeb tweeted those words at Trump after he complained during the past weekend about Republicans not "protecting" him.

So there's that.

More importantly, though, there's something else that needs to pointed out. There's no other way to read this other than reaching the conclusion that Trump really has been tuning in to Teigen's jokes about him all this time, right?

If so, that's objectively hilarious, first of all. Secondly, it also means that Trump has seen a lot worse than what he decided was the last straw. I mean, a lot.

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There's the time she called him insane after his "Covfefe" tweet went viral and sent Twitter into a tailspin. Then there's the time when she basically called him American Psycho.

She even went as far as coming at the president via Twitter bio in order to troll both him and Donald Trump Jr., a level of trolling that really takes dedication.

By now you've gotten the message, whether she's calling him evil or insecure, Teigen is constantly ready to roast our president. And now, after her tweet on Tuesday morning, we have a pretty strong indication that Trump has seen it and doesn't like it at all.

Guess the president isn't such a fan of criticizing people on Twitter, after all.