Chrissy Teigen Roasted Trump With One Tweet About Uber, Internet Bows Down

by Robert Anthony

You know who doesn't mince words when it comes to the topic of President Donald Trump? Model and mom Chrissy Teigen, that's whom.

Last week, the 31-year-old star took to Twitter to voice her concern over Trump's controversial immigration ban after the president called an executive order to ban the entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Teigen simply tweeted,

Donald Trump is an unwell, evil human being. To the core.

Now, you can only imagine how well that went over with the ruthless internet trolls.

Here's Chrissy's original tweet in response to Trump's ban.

Most recently, Chrissy Teigen is lashing out again at President Trump in the best way.

After Trump tweeted about the United States of America wanting nothing to do with "evil," Teigen had the perfect response.

Teigen basically offers to get Trump in the fast lane out of our country.

As expected, most people were on Chrissy's side!

This woman even offered to pay for the Uber.

If anyone knows how to stick it to "the man," it's Chrissy T.

But wait, there were also people who starkly disagree with her.

People believe she should be showing some respect to our president.

To some, that's debatable!

Whether you agree or disagree, one thing's for sure: You can always count on Chrissy Teigen to speak her mind at times when many people are still working on forming their own opinions.

Sure, she's excruciatingly bold and direct, but so is Trump!

To add to that, there are people out there who are inspired by this guy to go out and draw swastikas on subway train cars. I think the triggered trolls will be able to live with the fact Chrissy Teigen is humorously offering to call Trump an Uber...

It'd have to be a boat, though.

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