2016's Top Politics Tweet Proves Hillary's Changed So Many Young Girls' Lives

by Alexandra Svokos

Hillary Clinton may not have won the Electoral College, but she definitely won Twitter this year.

Twitter released a list of the most retweeted tweets about politics in 2016, and Clinton is at the top.

The number one most RT'd political tweet of 2016 is a quote from Clinton's emotional concession speech on November 9, tweeted from her account.


Aside from being the most popular political tweet of the year, it was also the third most retweeted tweet in the United States out of all the tweets in 2016.

The second most retweeted tweet of 2016 also came from Clinton. This one was her famous "Delete your account" tweet.


Donald Trump came in second in the popular vote by at least 2.6 million votes. But he came in third in the most retweeted political tweet by about 300,000 retweets.

His first appearance on the list is from Election Day.


It is a characteristically Trump tweet. It's in all caps, and it uses his infamous "Make America Great Again" motto.

Vice President Joe Biden comes in fourth, bringing the levity.

The fourth most retweeted political tweet of 2016 had nothing to do with the election. (Hooray!)

This one from Biden is all about him and President Barack Obama being BFFs.


The fifth most retweeted political tweet of 2016 didn't even come from a politician. It comes from an actor.

"Captain America" star Chris Evans tweeted his devastation as the election results rolled in, showing Trump to be the winner.


Apparently, a lot of people were feeling the same way.

Another non-politician made it onto the top RT'd political tweets list, coming in at number six.

@lovelyytylerr only has 1,200 followers. But his tweet the weekend before Election Day racked up 250,000+ retweets.

This user may have been one of the many people who believed Election Day was Obama's last day in office.

That's not how it works, fam. So keep RT'ing until January 20, 2017.

Obama finally makes an appearance in the seventh most popular political tweet of 2016.

But there's a twist here. The political tweet retweeted the seventh most times in 2016 was ACTUALLY tweeted in 2012.


That's right. The seventh most popular political tweet of 2016 is Obama's "four more years" tweet, from when he won his 2012 re-election. It was retweeted 236,627 times in 2016.

Seems like we're gonna miss him a whole lot.

Trump finally makes a reappearance on the list at number eight.

This one comes from the day after Election Day, when America was nursing a collective hangover.


The ninth most retweeted political tweet also comes from a non-politician.

@larkieswiftie has under 5,000 followers, but garnered 225,000 retweets thanks to post-election fear.


Curiously, none of Trump's post-election manic rants about "Hamilton" or the right to burn the American flag made it onto the list.

It's almost like there are more people "completely terrified" about their civil rights than concerned about the "Hamilton" cast. Fascinating!

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