People Think Today Is Barack Obama's Last Day As President

Ah, election day, a beautiful time when we get to both engage in our country's political process and hear from all the people that have very silly opinions about said political process.

None of those opinions, and boy, do I mean none, are sillier than the idea that whoever wins the election today become president tomorrow.

Oh yeah, you guys didn't know?

Right now across social media, there is a frightening amount of people freaking out, saying Tuesday is Barack Obama's last day in office. The conviction with which they're posting their "goodbye" messages is hilarious.

Here are just a few of them.


Told you. Let's make some things clear.

First off, ya'll need to pay attention in social studies class.

Secondly, Obama's last day in office is not Election Day.

But don't worry, there were plenty of people who took it upon themselves to remind everyone of that fact.


By the way, it's pretty obvious why Obama has to wait to January 20 to leave. It's not a matter of coincidence, it's a matter of necessity.

The next president only has 73 days between Election Day and Inauguration day (you know, the day he or she becomes official).

That's 73 days to make a transition from one team that has all the keys to the federal government to an entirely new team that needs those keys. And let me tell you, there are a lot of friggin keys.

All of those keys have to go to people the new president trusts, and the new president must spend a lot of time hiring those people.

This CNN explainer does a pretty good job at, uh, explaining why.

Why a presidential transition effort is already well underway for both sides - story by @TalKopan — Alexander Lee (@Aleksander_Lee) November 3, 2016

So yeah, Obama ain't going anywhere, at least not yet. And that's a good thing for the next president.

So you can save your goodbye posts for later. Or whatever, just keep making us laugh with more.