Jeb Bush Drops Out Of Presidential Race: In Memory Of His Devastatingly Pathetic Campaign

Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday night, according to the New York Times, after coming in fourth at the South Carolina Republican primary vote.

This outcome was basically unforeseeable a year ago, when "Jeb!" was considered the frontrunner and assumed candidate for the Republican party. But then Donald Trump jumped in, and our political lives got turned upside down.

Trump, along with Ben Carson, changed the rules so that being a political insider -- as Jeb clearly was, based on his last name alone -- was seen to be a bad thing. Meanwhile, Trump focused his attacks last summer on Jeb, calling him "low energy" and bringing him down as a useless loser.

Jeb did not do much to counter that. Instead, he went from assumed frontrunner to rickety defender to eye-rolling lame dude to, well, pathetic, pitied little man.

His candidacy did provide some fun, memorable times, though.

Like that time he stood in front of a green screen, allowing us all to test out our Photoshop skills.


And then there was that time he couldn't properly put a zip-up hoodie on.

And arguably the saddest moment of the campaign: When "Jeb!" had to tell an audience of his presumed supporters to "please clap."

Most recently, Jeb provided some Internet troll-y fun just this past week, when he sent out this bizarre yet hilarious tweet.

Pretty much everyone with a Twitter account then decided to send their own tweets of "America."

I saw Jeb out in Iowa at the end of January, when things were really starting to get pathetic right before the first vote, which Jeb, of course, did not win. He was giving his little stump speech to the crowd, but it was pretty clear from there that he had lost that loving feeling for the election.

I only hope now that he can go back to his super successful family and continue living the comfortable life that he has as a privileged American.

In actuality, though, it was good having Jeb around because he at least tried, in his small ways, to stand up to Trump rather than bow down and back away. Now we're just left with a small pool of candidates teetering around Trump.

So RIP, Jeb! Bush's presidential campaign. It was fun, and exasperating, and sympathy-inducing while it lasted.


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