The Presidential Candidate You Should Vote For Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Alexandra Svokos
Getty Images

Once you have made the decision to vote, there are many ways to decide which presidential candidate to vote for.

You can follow your head or your heart or consider what would best benefit you or your community.

You can be a single-issue voter, thinking only about the candidates' stances on one particular problem, or you can think about the overall spread of a person's platform.

Or you can follow your purest instincts by looking at which candidate best fits your zodiac sign. If you choose to take that path, this is who you should vote for.


Ideal candidate: The ideal candidate for the ambitious Aries is someone who is ramming forward with set beliefs and aiming to come into the presidency strong.

This is someone who wants to get into the Oval Office and shake things up but may not necessarily listen to other people's advice regarding the best values to follow.

Vote for: Ted Cruz. Just like Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, Cruz was the first to announce his candidacy. His fans like him for his tightly-held values and his plans to instill them in the nation. His values are highly conservative and against same-sex marriage, abortion and apparently even softcore porn, though, so you may want to take that into consideration.


Ideal candidate: Tauruses are notoriously stubborn as all hell (#SorryNotSorry) and will respect someone who stands by his or her word no matter what. They also like pretty things and are what some might call materialistic.

Vote for: Marco Rubio. Rubio's not a Taurus, but he sure sounds like it when he stands by the fact climate change was not caused by humans. He took over the news cycle for a minute with his gorgeous pair of black boots, and he clearly has the most youthful, confusingly attractive face of all the candidates.


Ideal candidate: The twins need someone who understands their two-sided personality and who has the ability to be both serious and silly.

Vote for: Ben Carson. Carson had a highly respected career as one of the most talented neurosurgeons in the country. As a politician, though, he's been a little, uh, different.


Ideal candidate: A Cancer appreciates someone who understands how important family is. As a water sign, Cancers are emotional and relate to anyone who appeals to their sensitivity and perhaps feels insecure every so often.

Vote for: Jeb! Bush. Oh, Jeb! His exclamation point logo has become one of the saddest ironies in this race since Donald Trump labeled him "low energy."

Jeb! should have been the Republican front-runner, but he fell to the side over the last few months due to his inability to build up support. But now he's got his family, which includes former presidents George H. W. and George W. Bush, out campaigning for him. He's definitely a family man.


Ideal candidate: We get it, Leos, you're loud and proud and in charge and want someone who meets your fire. We'd tell you to stop roaring, but we know you never will.

Vote for: Donald Trump. Even if it's hard to understand why (or if) people actually like him, Trump is charging ahead with enough bravado and drama to excite any Leo.


Ideal candidate: Analytical Virgos are always looking to see what's coming next and what they can do about it. They like preparation, experience and some amount of reality and practicality.

Vote for: Michael Bloomberg. Rumors are spreading about Bloomberg considering to make a presidential run and if he does, the businessman would be the ideal Virgo candidate.


Ideal candidate: Libras are gentle, quiet people. They don't get in too many fights and generally do their own thing. They are chill, open-minded individuals who just want some cooperation and consideration and will work calmly to keep the peace.

Vote for: John Kasich. Kasich basically embodies the Libra spirit, staying calm in the face of Republicans shouting at each other during debates. He thinks deliberately about issues and isn't too extreme. He just wants everyone to relax a bit and maybe focus more on what's actually happening in America than on what's happening in these poo-slinging debates.


Ideal candidate: A Scorpio wants a candidate who meets his or her passion. This has to be a candidate who will shout his or her ideals from the mountaintops. Scorpios are bombastic and determined, and they will achieve their dreams no matter what it takes.

Vote for: Kanye West. Write his name in or wait until 2020, but you know you want to vote for him.


Ideal candidate: An ideal Sagittarius candidate is someone who is open-minded and listens but is also optimistic and really wants the best for the country. The candidate wants to improve conditions but can also poke some fun at the way things are now.

Vote for: Jon Stewart. Your ideal candidate doesn't exist. Sorry.


Ideal candidate: Capricorns need someone who is very organized and responsible. They need someone who's been around and has the experience to know what's happening.

Vote for: Hillary Clinton. Clinton is someone who can take a loss and turn it into a win while working carefully and methodically -- even if that plan hasn't exactly been working for her. She is calm and collected and has more than enough experience. She's a great candidate for Capricorns.


Ideal candidate: The ideal Aquarius candidate is someone who is in touch with humanity and has a propensity for generosity and taking care of people. This is someone who will work differently to reach as many people as possible, given an Aquarius's friendly nature.

Vote for: Bernie Sanders. Bernie's socialism inherently means he wants to get everyone on an even playing field to help each other out. He wants to shake up the system and get everyone involved.


Ideal candidate: Dear, sweet Pisces are just trying to figure out why the waters have been so choppy this year in the presidential race.

Being so sympathetic and in touch with others, they recognize this has been a particularly rough race, with antagonism on all sides.

Vote for: Democracy. We know you guys can have trouble picking sides because you can see the good in everyone, but you also see the importance in upholding a strong democratic system. So go to the polling place to cast your vote for democracy itself. And, you know, if you can make a decision on who exactly to vote for... that'd be pretty cool, too.