16 People Who Will Give You Solid Reasons To Vote In The Primaries

by Alexandra Svokos

The New Hampshire primary vote happened on Tuesday, with Donald Trump winning on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats.

This was the second state to vote for presidential candidates -- the first being Iowa, where Ted Cruz won Republicans and Hillary Clinton eked out a win on the Democratic side.

With so many people voting, it's easy to think your vote doesn't count. But many people in New Hampshire still went and hopped in the voting booth to cast their ballot.

We stopped by polling places in Nashua and Hooksett, New Hampshire and asked voters why they decided to come out and vote.

These are their reasons.

Anthony, 21

Alexandra Svokos
I didn't want to be like 'ugh, I want something to change' and then not make it change -- not actually be a part of making stuff change. I didn't want to just sit back and hope that things get better.

Shanna, 20, and her mother, Diana

Alexandra Svokos
It's my first time voting, so I wanted the experience. -- Shanna I just need a change. That's it. And this is the way to do it. -- Diana

Carolyn, 22

Alexandra Svokos
So someone who I don't want to win doesn't win. 

Yamil, 20, and his father, Enrique

Alexandra Svokos
I just wanted a change for the country. That's really it. -- Yamil Every four years I do my voting, and I'd like a change also. -- Enrique

Everton, 22

Alexandra Svokos
I think it's important that the youth should vote in America. I just feel like I had to come out. Civic duty, I guess?

Jorge, 32

Alexandra Svokos
I just want to see a good president, somebody who does a little better than others. We're in debt, bad, and there are a lot of things going on. I also came because I want, not medical but recreational, marijuana [to be legalized] because it's creating a lot of jobs in the four states that it's in right now and a lot of people are making money. The person I voted for, hopefully, does that job because we need work. There's no work in the United States. There's work in certain places, but we need work. We've got families to feed and not a lot of jobs out here. 

Jay, 35

Alexandra Svokos
It's my civic duty, I guess. 

Erin, 26

Alexandra Svokos
I want a better future for my children. 

Southern New Hampshire University students

Alexandra Svokos
I came out to vote today because I wanted to be part of the process and see how it worked, because I never voted before. -- Richie, 19 I came out to vote because New Hampshire is such an important part of the election, so I figured I might as well contribute. -- Alex, 20

Danielle, 18

Alexandra Svokos
I've been excited to vote for as long as I can remember. This is the first year that I'm eligible to vote, and it's the first year of the primary, so that's super exciting because it's really important to get your vote out there. Because it really does count.

Calvin, 21, and Luke, 20

Alexandra Svokos
First time voting, and there's just a lot of excitement around it, so why not? -- Calvin I'd say the same thing: It was the first time voting. We're in college. And my mom actually just became an American citizen, so it's her first year voting, too. Definitely a great time. -- Luke

Reagan, 18

Alexandra Svokos
I voted because it's my civic duty.