35 Things On Amazon Shady AF People Will Love — & They're All Under $25

Because sometimes it’s fun to feel like a private eye...

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Sneaking around isn't easy — but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Whether it's nosy neighbors or snooping family members, keeping folks from creeping up in your business can be crucial. Luckily, that's why these products for shady people are so flippin' genius, since they're designed to conceal virtually anything and keep others always guessing about your next move.

Maybe you're traveling to another country and you just want a way to hide your cash and valuables from pickpockets. Perhaps you're browsing online and you want to make sure no one's monitoring your activity. No matter what you're up to, there are plenty of products available on Amazon that can help you feel like a secret stealth ninja and no one will ever be the wiser.

Sick of people invading your privacy and desperate for a few tools that'll help cover your tracks? The items featured here are a terrific way to kickstart things since they can deliver a vital layer of security. From diversion safes to webcam covers and everything in between, these products are shady AF — but they'll keep you from ever getting found out, too.

Because honestly, who doesn't want to be a little shady every once in a while?

The Actual Official C.I.A. Manual Of Trickery And Deception

This is not a novel — it really is the once-top-secret training manual for CIA field agents. It was written by John Mulholland, a famous magician who was hired by the CIA to write manuals on sleight of hand and covert communication techniques to help deployed agents fight back against the Communists during the 1950s. After having been thought to be lost forever — possibly destroyed along with other top-secret documents — this manual was rediscovered and released to the public by retired CIA official Bob Wallace and historian H. Keith Melton. Peter Earnest, Executive Director of the International Spy Museum called this book “an enchanting account of espionage and wizardry."

An Undercover Wallet That'll Keep Your Cash Totally Secure

If you need to keep your cash, passport, or other important valuables as close to you, there’s no better wallet option than this hidden bra wallet. Yes, you read that right — this wallet literally secures to your bra so even the most skilled pickpocketers can’t get to it. Plus, you’ll get lost-and-found recovery tags with your wallet, so you can maintain the utmost peace of mind while traveling.

A Screen Protector That Keeps Everything On The D.L.

Tired of stressing over whether or not people are reading over your shoulder? The great thing about this iPhone 13 screen protector is that it keeps everything you're viewing as discreet as can be. Made out of extremely hard material and technically tougher than a knife, this protector is dust- and fingerprint-proof, plus it doesn't bubble when you're trying to put it down.

This Money Bag That Comes With A Combination Lock

This storage bag acts as a mini (and portable) vault for all of your valuables, including cash, checks, and bank deposits. With a seven-by-ten-inch design that can comfortably store more than a few items and made from durable nylon, this storage bag is the real deal when it comes to stowing away your valuables, especially with the included combination lock on its exterior.

A Simple But Secure Wall-Mounted Safe That Looks Like An Outlet

This genius safe looks just like a wall outlet, making it the perfect place to stash valuables in your home. It has a 7- by 2.5-inch interior compartment and comes will everything you need to mount it to your wall.

This Car Seat Gap Organizer That Keeps Everything At An Easy Reach

Instead of scrambling to find your phone while at a red light, keep it from falling to the floor in the first place with this car seat gap organizer. This pack comes with two so you have one to put on the side of both front seats. The vegan leather compartments slide right into each gap and come with foam wedges to make them fit even more securely. They have enough space to hold your phone, wallet, keys, and any extras that have tagged along for the ride.

A Hide-A-Key That's So Clever, You Might Even Forget What It Really Is

Slipping under the radar never looked so easy as it will with this hide-a-key decoration, which actually looks (and feels) just like a fake rock. Designed to fit most keys up to 1-inch wide and under 3 inches in length, this ones hides in plain sight. It's made with molded poly-resin and is sized to match a rock in shape, texture, color, and size. You can even keep this outside for most of the year, since it's wind-proof and weather-proof. One reviewer writes: "Looks just like a real rock and camouflages really easily. Even feels real. Could it be real? Ok now I'm just blowing my own mind."

A Durable Luggage Tag With A Privacy Flap

To really make sure that no one ends up with your stuff, snap this luggage tag onto your travel bags. The rubber piece resists damage from wear and tear and is paired with a stainless steel wire that fastens securely. It also has a privacy backing to cover the information you fill out on the card that is included.

A Diversion Box In The One Place No One Will Ever Think To Look

Keep your most precious possessions on total and utter lockdown with this box. On the surface, it looks like a regular old dictionary, and that's part of its genius. In truth, this is a diversion safe and comes with a lock and key, so your most important valuables will stay secure no matter where you go. This has enough room for cash, credit cards, and other essential documents.

This Blackout Window Film That Keeps Rooms Dark & Extra Cool

PSA: I’m going to let you in on the secret that is this blackout light-blocking film that is a must-have for privacy in the comfort of your own home. With a front-facing white exterior and black foam surface facing the inside of your home, this cling film will not only keep you concealed but also level up mid-day naps by a lot. Plus, it comes in tons of different size options so everyone can get a piece of the pie. You’re welcome.

A Wireless Doorbell With Adjustable Volume

To avoid waking everyone in the house when you have a visitor coming over, take just a few minutes to install this wireless doorbell. This kit comes with two bells and two trasmitters (that can connect to eachother within a 1,000-foot range) so you can cover both the front and back doors. Each bell has four different volume settings and 52 ringtone options. Plus, they’re completely weatherproof so you don’t have to think twice when the seasons change.

A High-Security Backpack That Holds Your Belongings In Place

Water-resistant, lightweight, and chock-full of zipper pockets for the ultimate level of storage, this foldable backpack is everything. Whether you’re fishing, camping, or just going on a day hike, it’s imperative to have a mesh backpack like this one that can handle just about any and every situation. Consider the necessities 100% secured.

This Leakproof Trash Can For Your Car

To quickly hide any mess you may have left behind, make sure this car trash can is always strapped onto your console, headrest, or side door. Its walls are double reinforced and its lid closes magnetically to make sure that no crumbs or spills make their way out and reach your clean seats. And it comes with 20 trash bags so you can easily empty it when it fills up.

A Puzzle Box That You Can Put Surprises In

Giving a gift to someone — but want to make them really work for it this time around? You can with this wooden box, which forces folks to crack a puzzle in order to open it up completely. You can slide your coins and bills through the slots here, but others have to figure out how to open it if they want the gift within. "Because my son, who is in his 30's, only wanted cash for Christmas, I decided I had to make it a little challenging. This was perfect! He got kind of frustrated and would set it down then try again in a bit and did so until he finally got to the treasure inside!"

A Tactical Pen That Can Write & Keep You Safe

This tactical pen not only gives you ink to jot down notes during a meeting, but can also break glass, open bottles, and turn into a flashlight. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this pen will last you forever and act as the perfect multipurpose tool for everyday tasks and self defense. Plus, it comes with three extra ink cartridges, four battery sets, and access to online training, so you can learn to get the most out of your new tool.

A Pair Of Flashlight Gloves For All Sorts Of Multitasking

Every handyman, mechanic, or nighttime dog walker needs these flashlight gloves, like, yesterday. This pair of handy gloves comes with two super bright LED lights that you simply click on, lasting you up to 168 straight hours in any low-visibility environment. Just pop in the four (included) AAA batteries and you’re good to go!

These Stainless Steel Tumblers That Maintain The Temperature Of Your Drink

If you find yourself out of the house for much longer than you anticipated becasue of whatever antics you’re up to, these stainless steel tumblers will make it easy to keep your coffee at the same temperature it was as when the adventure started. It’s triple-insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 6. And since this pack comes with four, you can share the fun with your equally as shady friends.

A Stainless Steel Coffee Mug With A Mesh Filter

Equipped with a mesh filter, this travel coffee mug can be used to make drip coffee while on-the-go. It has a cool-touch exterior while, on the inside, it is insulated with a vacuum layer and copper lining. This is what makes its heat retention possible so that it can keep hot drinks hot for over six hours and cold drinks cold for over 20. Plus, the leakproof lid makes it safe to bring wherever you’re going.

This Running Belt With A Rainproof Zipper

If you know better than to ever leave your valuables out of your sight, then you’ll need this running belt next time to go out for a few laps. The stretchy pack won’t weigh you down but still has enough space to fit your phone, keys, wallet, and even a water bottle in the built-in holster. It also has a headphone hole to keep them from getting all tangled as you’re on the move. And to keep you safe on night runs, the center strip is reflective and shines to make your presence known.

A Storage Ottoman Made Of Waterproof Faux Leather

While this ottoman can be used as an extra seat around the coffee table, it can also be used to hide your secret valuables. It’s made of a waterproof faux leather that will keep your things protected even when someone is sitting on its cushioned top. The side handles make it easy to move from room to room and the entire container collapses to easily store when not in use.

An Arm Band That Keeps Your Phone Secure While You Jog

You’re holding yourself back on your jogs or daily walks in you’re still gripping your cell phone in one hand — keep it secure but out of your hands with this arm band. Suitable for any Apple or Android smartphone, this nylon and spandex arm band will store your phone without slipping and still remain comfortable on your arm thanks to its sweat-proof design.

This Heavy-Duty Safe For When You Mean Real Business

Some lock boxes are made to throw off would-be snoops. Others, like this personal safe from Master Lock, are just heavy-duty safes that'll keep your most valuable possessions and documents super secure. With more than 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon, this small waterproof safe is a terrific choice to secure sensitive items and materials. It can be fixed to an object using a cable and you can set your own four-digit combination to the safe so no matter what, no one is getting in unless you want them to.

These Protective Packing Cubes For Your Next Spontaneous Trip

When you’re rushing to get everything ready for that last-minute flight you just booked, put these packing cubes to use. This pack comes with three different sizes (and a laundry bag) to keep all your clothes and accessories seperately organized. They’re made with reinforces stitching that won’t wear away over time and a smooth material that liquids glide right off of. Plus, the top is made of mesh so that everything can breathe and stay stink-free.

A Hanging Toiletry Bag With A Conveniant Carrying Handle

This hanging toiletry bag can be used with or without it’s hidden top hook. It can sit upright on the counter top when your hotel room has enough space or be hung up to take advantage of the walls and doors. It has an open main compartment and three zippered pockets that are made of breathable mesh with elastic edging so that even the most odd-shaped beauty tools can fit inside. It’s also water-resistant and easy to wipe clean when some makeup makes a mess.

These Weather-Resistant Safety Lights That Can Be Used On Night Runs

Whether you run, walk your dog, or cycle, when doing nearly anything out at night, these safety lights can come in handy. This pack comes with four pieces (two red and two green) that can be clipped or strapped (using the included velcro strips) onto anything. They illuminate your surrounding area to both give you a better view and give others a better view of you. Choose between the three lighting modes — steady, flash, and strobe — depending on the situation you’re in.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses Made For All Face Shapes

When you’re up late getting things done on the computer, make sure you’re wearing these blue light blocking glasses. The stylish clear pair is meant to fit every face shape and is made with a protective layer that block 99% of harmful UV rays. This can reduce eye fatique, minimize headaches, and even help you sleep better by helping encourage melatonin production.

This Decorative Lanyard With A Silicone Phone Holder Attached

If your worst nightmare is someone snatching your phone, this cell phone lanyard will make sure the device is on you at all times so no one can get to it. The 20-inch satin-polyester strap is attached to a silicone holder that goes over every corner to keep it in place. It also has a card slot attached to the back so you can have quick and easy access to your ID and credit cards.

This Portable Charger That Can Connect To Two Devices At Once

The newest version of this portable charger is even more thin and lightweight than before so you can truly bring it with you everywhere. Slide it into your pocket whenever you’re heading wherever you’re not supposed to be and you’ll have over three full charges for your iPhone, over 13 full charges for your AirPods Pro, and over two full charges for your Samsung in your hand. It’ll take just a little over an hour to bring your phone to 100% and can charge two devices at once.

This Bullet Journal With Tons Of Accessories

This bullet journal not only comes with a sleek leather cover and 260 pages of blank pages, but also ten water-based colorful pens, 12 stencils, three bookmarks, and a pen loop to carry a few at a time. Keep everything from meeting notes to fun drawings inside this notebook — the creative opportunities are endless!

A Book Of Life Skills That You Should Probably Not Know How To Do

From beating a lie detector test to making moonshine, this book teaches you basic life skills that maybe you shouldn't know. As one reviewer puts it: "Fun read but you should probably think 2 or 3 times before trying some of this stuff."

A Door Lock You Can Take Anywhere You Go

Add extra security to your hotel room, AirBnB, dorm, or own home with this portable door lock. This works on most hinged doors that swing inwards and is so easy to install — it doesn’t require any tools and takes just a minute or so. This lock has 4.5-stars on Amazon and over 10,000 reviews, so you know it works well.

This Trunk Organizer With Strong Carrying Handles

Keep everything from groceries, to luggage, to daily essentials secure and organized in your car with this multi-compartment organizer. This organizer has it all: durable carrying handles, a waterproof interior, tons of separate compartments, latches to tie it down in your trunk, and a collapsible design when it’s not in use. After using this, you’ll wonder how you ever settled for a cluttered car in the past.

These Thermal Insulated Curtains For When You Literally Need Some More Shade

These thick blackout curtains can be super-helpful if you're trying to literally be shady AF. That's because they're made with thick, triple-weave polyester to block out up to 99% of light and UV rays. Designed to be wrinkle-free and easy to fit on standard curtain rods, these curtains can help conserve energy, especially during the winter months. One reviewer wrote: "We have east-facing windows and the sun heats up our house in the afternoon/evening. These have been excellent for keeping our dining room dark and cool!"

A Fingerprint Padlock For The Ultimate In Security

This state-of-the-art fingerprint padlock will make you feel like you're living in the year 3021. Powered by a lithium battery, that you can recharge with a USB cable, it can be used for about on year on one charge. It supports up to 15 fingerprints, so you can share it with your partner in crime (so to speak).

This Money Belt So You Can Keep Everything With You That You Need On A Run

On the run (literally) and need a way to keep your valuables secure while you do it? This travel money belt comes with four super-wide pockets that are roomy enough to fit everything you need, including money, keys, flasks, IDs, and more. Super-soft and made from moisture-wicking material that soaks up sweat, this belt isn't cumbersome to run with, either. In fact, reviewers say it's really comfy to wear, even during vigorous exercises.

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