50 Things On Amazon Shady AF People Will Love — & They're All Under $25

Because sometimes it’s fun to feel like a private eye...

by Shayna Murphy
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Whether it's nosy neighbors or snooping family members, keeping folks from creeping up in your business can be crucial. That's why these products for shady people are so genius; they're designed to conceal virtually anything. From hidden safes to webcam covers, these products are shady AF — but they'll keep you from ever getting found out, too. Because honestly, who doesn't want to be a little shady every once in a while?

This Heavy-Duty Safe For When You Mean Real Business

Some lock boxes are made to throw off would-be snoops. Others, like this personal safe from Master Lock, are just heavy-duty safes that'll keep your most valuable possessions and documents super secure. With more than 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon, this small waterproof safe is a terrific choice to secure sensitive items and materials. It can be fixed to an object using a cable and you can set your own four-digit combination to the safe so no matter what, no one is getting in unless you want them to.

These Motion Sensor Lights You Can Install Practically Anywhere

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these LED puck lights, as each one is powered using three AAA batteries (which are not included). A built-in motion sensor prevents them from turning on when no one is around in order to help preserve the battery life — and each order also includes double-sided adhesive, making it easy to stick them practically anywhere.

A Book Of Life Skills That You Should Probably Not Know How To Do

From beating a lie detector test to making moonshine, this book teaches you basic life skills that maybe you shouldn't know. As one reviewer puts it: "Fun read but you should probably think 2 or 3 times before trying some of this stuff."

The Actual Official C.I.A. Manual Of Trickery And Deception

This is not a novel — it really is the once-top-secret training manual for CIA field agents. It was written by John Mulholland, a famous magician who was hired by the CIA to write manuals on sleight of hand and covert communication techniques to help deployed agents fight back against the Communists during the 1950s. After having been thought to be lost forever — possibly destroyed along with other top-secret documents — this manual was rediscovered and released to the public by retired CIA official Bob Wallace and historian H. Keith Melton. Peter Earnest, Executive Director of the International Spy Museum called this book “an enchanting account of espionage and wizardry."

A Tactical Pen That Can Write & Keep You Safe

This tactical pen not only gives you ink to jot down notes during a meeting, but can also break glass, open bottles, and turn into a flashlight. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this pen will last you forever and act as the perfect multipurpose tool for everyday tasks and self defense. Plus, it comes with three extra ink cartridges, four battery sets, and access to online training, so you can learn to get the most out of your new tool.

A Collapsible Solar Lantern With A Built-In Phone Charger

Great for camping or having on hand for emergencies, this solar-powered lantern boasts a collapsible design that’s easy to store and a handy phone charger on the bottom for necessary power-ups. It has three lighting modes — high, low, and SOS — and can be charged via the sun or USB. It can even withstand rain and splashes if you get caught in bad weather.

A Storage Pouch You Can Conceal Under The Clothes In Your Closet

Great for use in your home or while traveling, this secret pocket hangs from any standard hanger to hide valuables under your clothing. It has a wide opening for documents and folders, a smaller inner pocket for cash or jewelry, and zips closed to conceal it all.

This Easy-To-Install Drawer Adds Storage To Your Desk

If your desk is running out of storage space, consider taking a look at this drawer. It attaches to the underside of your desk using double-sided adhesive (which comes included), so there’s no need for any drilling in order to set it up. Plus, the roomy interior gives you ample room to keep office supplies, headphones, cutlery, or nearly any other small item.

A Diversion Box In The One Place No One Will Ever Think To Look

Keep your most precious possessions on total and utter lockdown with this box. On the surface, it looks like a regular old dictionary, and that's part of its genius. In truth, this is a diversion safe and comes with a lock and key, so your most important valuables will stay secure no matter where you go. This has enough room for cash, credit cards, and other essential documents.

An Ink Roller That Hides Sensitive Information

Easily cover up sensitive or private information with this ink roller that leaves a jumbled trail of letters and numbers behind. It measures just over 2 inches wide (perfect for covering large areas in a short amount of time) and papers can still be recycled after use. Plus, you’ll get three ink refills with the roller to last a long time.

A Pack Of Under-The-Bed Storage Bags To Stash Your Extras

Great for storing your extra clothes, coats, and blankets — or whatever else you want to stash away —these storage bags have a slim design so you can slide them right under your bed and free up valuable space in your closet. Each one is made with a clear zippered top so you can see what’s inside and a breathable material that’ll keep dust and bugs out.

This Blackout Window Film That Keeps Rooms Dark & Extra Cool

PSA: I’m going to let you in on the secret — this blackout light-blocking film is a must-have for privacy in the comfort of your own home. It has a non-adhesive design that’s easy to remove without leaving sticky residue behind, and it can be cut to fit the exact size of your window. The brand claims it can block 99% or daylight and 100% of UV rays, which keeps your home both dark and cool during the summer months.

An Undercover Wallet That'll Keep Your Cash Totally Secure

If you need to keep your cash, passport, or other important valuables as close to you, there’s no better wallet option than this hidden bra wallet. Yes, you read that right — this wallet literally secures to your bra so even the most skilled pickpocketers can’t get to it. Plus, you’ll get lost-and-found recovery tags with your wallet, so you can maintain the utmost peace of mind while traveling.

A Door Lock You Can Take Anywhere You Go

Add extra security to your hotel room, AirBnB, dorm, or own home with this portable door lock. This works on most hinged doors that swing inwards and is so easy to install — it doesn’t require any tools and takes just a minute or so. This lock has 4.5-stars on Amazon and over 10,000 reviews, so you know it works well.

This Car Seat Gap Organizer That Keeps Everything At An Easy Reach

Instead of scrambling to find your phone while at a red light, keep it from falling to the floor in the first place with this car seat gap organizer. This pack comes with two so you have one to put on the side of both front seats. The vegan leather compartments slide right into each gap and come with foam wedges to make them fit even more securely. They have enough space to hold your phone, wallet, keys, and any extras that have tagged along for the ride.

A Fingerprint Padlock For The Ultimate In Security

This state-of-the-art fingerprint padlock will make you feel like you're living in the year 3021. Powered by a lithium battery, that you can recharge with a USB cable, it can be used for about on year on one charge. It supports up to 15 fingerprints, so you can share it with your partner in crime (so to speak).

This Leakproof Trash Can For Your Car

To quickly hide any mess you may have left behind, make sure this car trash can is always strapped onto your console, headrest, or side door. Its walls are double reinforced and its lid closes magnetically to make sure that no crumbs or spills make their way out and reach your clean seats. And it comes with 20 trash bags so you can easily empty it when it fills up.

These Stainless Steel Tumblers That Maintain The Temperature Of Your Drink

If you find yourself out of the house for much longer than you anticipated becasue of whatever antics you’re up to, these stainless steel tumblers will make it easy to keep your coffee at the same temperature it was as when the adventure started. It’s triple-insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 6. And since this pack comes with four, you can share the fun with your equally as shady friends.

A Hide-A-Key That's So Clever, You Might Even Forget What It Really Is

Slipping under the radar never looked so easy as it will with this hide-a-key decoration, which actually looks (and feels) just like a fake rock. Designed to fit most keys up to 1-inch wide and under 3 inches in length, this ones hides in plain sight. It's made with molded poly-resin and is sized to match a rock in shape, texture, color, and size. You can even keep this outside for most of the year, since it's wind-proof and weather-proof. One reviewer writes: "Looks just like a real rock and camouflages really easily. Even feels real. Could it be real? Ok now I'm just blowing my own mind."

A Screen Protector That Blocks Prying Eyes

Keep your screen time private with this iPhone screen protector that features a special film to block others from viewing it from the sides. It’s made out of strong tempered glass and boasts full, edge-to-edge coverage with little cutouts for the camera and speaker. It’ll fit all iPhone 13 and 13 Pros (6.1 inches) and has a fingerprint-resistant finish.

This Waterproof Dry Bag That’s Fully Submersible

Whether you’re kayaking or getting ready for a day at the beach, this dry bag is a clever way to ensure that your belongings won’t get wet. The airtight closure is so waterproof that you can fully submerge it without anything inside getting wet. And unlike some dry bags, this one is made from tough polyester that’s resistant to rips.

The Indoor Security Camera That Features 2-Way Audio

Ever wonder what your pets get up to while you’re away from home? Then this security camera is worth a look. Not only does it feature 1080P resolution so that you can see what’s going on in high definition, but two-way audio also lets you talk to anyone in the room. Plus, you can even set it up so that it sends an alert to your phone anytime human motion is detected.

A Durable Luggage Tag With A Privacy Flap

To really make sure that no one ends up with your stuff, snap this luggage tag onto your travel bags. The rubber piece resists damage from wear and tear and is paired with a stainless steel wire that fastens securely. It also has a privacy backing to cover the information you fill out on the card that is included.

A Wireless Doorbell With Adjustable Volume

To avoid waking everyone in the house when you have a visitor coming over, take just a few minutes to install this wireless doorbell. This kit comes with two bells and two trasmitters (that can connect to eachother within a 1,000-foot range) so you can cover both the front and back doors. Each bell has four different volume settings and 52 ringtone options. Plus, they’re completely weatherproof so you don’t have to think twice when the seasons change.

A High-Security Backpack That Holds Your Belongings In Place

Water-resistant, lightweight, and chock-full of zipper pockets for the ultimate level of storage, this foldable backpack is everything. Whether you’re fishing, camping, or just going on a day hike, it’s imperative to have a mesh backpack like this one that can handle just about any and every situation. Consider the necessities 100% secured.

A Compact Pouch That Won’t Bounce Around As You Move

Whether you’re going out for a jog or simply walking your dog, don’t forget to take this pouch with you. It’s a convenient way to keep all your money, keys, or even pet treats within reach, as the magnetic closure makes it easy to grab your items at a moment’s notice. And since it nestles against your hip, it’s also less likely to bounce around as you move.

A Pair Of Flashlight Gloves For All Sorts Of Multitasking

Every handyman, mechanic, or nighttime dog walker needs these flashlight gloves, like, yesterday. This pair of handy gloves comes with two super bright LED lights that you simply click on, lasting you up to 168 straight hours in any low-visibility environment. Just pop in the four (included) AAA batteries and you’re good to go!

This Camping Pillow With A Soft Memory Foam Filling

Heading into the wilderness? While camping supplies aren’t typically known for being the most comfortable accessories, this travel pillow features a soft micro suede cover and a plush memory foam insert that’s super cozy to sleep on, with one fan writing, “I could use this as a pillow every night.” When not in use, it compresses down to fit in the included carrying sack for easy carrying and storage.

These Protective Packing Cubes For Your Next Spontaneous Trip

When you’re rushing to get everything ready for that last-minute flight you just booked, put these packing cubes to use. This pack comes with three different sizes (and a laundry bag) to keep all your clothes and accessories seperately organized. They’re made with reinforces stitching that won’t wear away over time and a smooth material that liquids glide right off of. Plus, the top is made of mesh so that everything can breathe and stay stink-free.

An LED Night Light That Won’t Run Up Your Utility Bills

There’s no need to worry about this LED night light running up your utility bills, as it features a dusk-to-dawn sensor that prevents it from wasting energy when it’s still light out. Its brightness is also adjustable up to five levels. Plus, the fire-resistant casing helps keep you safe in the event of an electrical spike.

This 12-Pack of Submersible LED Lights With 100+ Hours Of Battery Life

Add light anywhere you need it — even in the bath, shower, hot tub, water vase, or more — with this 12-pack of tiny lights. Not only are they waterproof and can withstand up to 20 meters of immersion in water, but they’re battery powered and provide from 100 to 120 hours of light. They can be placed anywhere around the house, and even have a hanging hook to use in a lantern as well.

An Insulated Lunch Box Made With Durable Oxford Fabric

Unlike some lunch boxes, this one features a durable Oxford fabric exterior that’s resistant to dirt, scuffs, and stains. The insulated interior helps keep hot meals warm for longer than that crummy paper bag you’ve been using — and the removable shoulder strap makes carrying it around a total breeze.

This Portable Charger That Can Connect To Two Devices At Once

The newest version of this portable charger is even more thin and lightweight than before so you can truly bring it with you everywhere. Slide it into your pocket whenever you’re heading wherever you’re not supposed to be and you’ll have over three full charges for your iPhone, over 13 full charges for your AirPods Pro, and over two full charges for your Samsung in your hand. It’ll take just a little over an hour to bring your phone to 100% and can charge two devices at once.

This Trunk Organizer With Strong Carrying Handles

Keep everything from groceries, to luggage, to daily essentials secure and organized in your car with this multi-compartment organizer. This organizer has it all: durable carrying handles, a waterproof interior, tons of separate compartments, latches to tie it down in your trunk, and a collapsible design when it’s not in use. After using this, you’ll wonder how you ever settled for a cluttered car in the past.

These Leakproof Travel Bottles Are Approved By TSA

Not only are these travel bottles approved for use by the TSA, but each one also features a leakproof lid to help keep your bag safe from spills. Their wide mouths make them easy to fill with minimal mess — and their opal shape helps keep liquids from getting stuck in the corners, making it easier to get every last drop of product.

This LED Light That Helps You Find Keyholes

Don’t struggle to find your front door’s keyhole at night. Instead, place one of these LED lights overtop of the lock. A built-in motion detector automatically turns them on when it sense you’re nearby — and it only needs one AA battery (which is not included) in order to deliver hours’ worth of light.

This Sun Visor Organizer For Your Car That A Ton Of Pockets

This organizer uses strong elastic to wrap around your car’s sun visor and has one large zipper compartment, one large mesh pocket, five card holders, and a slip for your glasses to keep all your driving essentials close at hand. It’s made of faux leather that looks and feels great and it comes in a few colors if you want to match it to your car’s interior.

This Rechargeable Head Lamp With 10 Hours Of Battery Life

Great for fishing, camping, hiking, or even just doing some at-home handiwork, this rechargeable lamp securely wraps around your head with a comfortable strap, and features a light that can rotate up to 90 degrees to give you targeted illumination exactly where you need it. It has four light modes — high, low, strobe, and UV, and has a 10 hour battery life on one charge.

This Spotlight Flashlight That’s Waterproof & Floats

Made with super durable materials, this flash light is waterproof, floats in fresh or salt water, and can survive a 10 foot drop, making it a must-have for any camping, hiking, or outdoor activity where you need a little more light. It’s battery operated, features a trigger lock, and has three modes — high, low, and a flashing SOS to get attention.

An Under Seat Storage Box To Declutter Your Car Or Truck

This under seat storage box is designed to fit underneath the back seat of popular truck models to declutter your space and keep your car essentials — everything from picnic blankets to sports equipment to car tools — in one neat and tidy place. Plus, when you’re not using it, it collapses to easily store.

These 10 Foot String Lights That Come With A Convenient Storage Pouch

These outdoor string lights can be hung around your patio, balcony, yard, or garage, or stuffed into the included carrying bag and used as a lantern that way, depending on the type of light you’re looking for. They’re portable and waterproof, and create a 360 degree glow that’s controlled with a button remote.

A Genius Light-Blocking Vizor To Sheild Your Face

This genius polarized vizor blocks out UV rays while you drive without getting in the way of the road like the classic vizor in car. You can spin it and customize the height to perfectly shield your face while you drive. Plus, it can even help out with fogginess, bright lights at night, and more.

These Solar LED Lights With A 270 Degree Lighting Angle

These solar LED lights are small, but don’t let that fool you, they have a 270 degree lighting angle to give you a huge range of illumination that can be detected from 13 to 26 feet away. They’re waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant so they can be used all year round, and automatically turn on when motion is detected.

A Magnetic Wristband That’s A Sneaky Way To Hold DIY Supplies

This magnetic wristband is such a sneaky way to hold onto all of the screws and materials you’ll need while you’re working on DIY projects. It’s completely adjustable, and it’s lined with 10 impressive magnets, so you can hold a ton at once. It’s also lightweight and designed to be breathable to easily wear it for your entire project.

This Emergency Tent That Folds To The Size Of A Can Of Soda

Despite it’s compact size — when stored it can fold to the size of a can of soda, and it only weighs 8.7 ounces— this emergency tent is tall enough to sit inside and large enough for two people to lay. It’s super easy to set up when you need emergency shelter, and it comes with a built-in whistle that can call for help up to 1 mile away.

These LED Safety Lights That Are Just 2 Inches Tall

These safety lights are so small, compact, and easy to wear that they’re a must-have for runners, hikers, cyclists, or anyone else who needs to make their presence known in the dark. They’re waterproof, and feature both a clip and hook and loop straps to affix them to all kinds of things — from your shoelaces to your bicycle rods. They have three modes — solid, strobe, and flash — and they’re waterproof.

A Timeless Notebook That Lets You Tear Out Pages & Tuck Them Away

This notebook comes with perforated sheets, so you can easily tear out your grocery list (or any notes you might want to keep secret). It also has a little pocket to tuck away any notes you tear out. Plus, it’s covered in a faux leather material that will make it look timeless on your desk or bedside table.

This On-Trend Mini Belt Bag That Can Keep *Everything* Secure

This mini belt bag is a seriously sleek (and secure way) to carry around all of your errand essentials. It comes with an adjustable strap, and it even has a roomy pocket to tuck away your phone inside. Plus, this on-trend bag has a clip on the front, so it’s easy for you to remove it when you get home.

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These Headrest Hooks To Neatly Tuck Away Bags In The Car

These headrest hooks are perfect for hiding away your work tote, shopping bags, groceries, and more behind your car seats. They clip onto your car seat without any tools (or effort), and they’re sturdy enough to hold up to 55 pounds. Plus, you can spin them to easily grab your bags.

These Transparent Sticky Notes That Are Sneakily *So* Clever

Making notes is an absolute breeze with these game-changing transparent sticky notes. Pop one right over your new go-to paperback or your notebook, and you can still see the paragraph underneath. They might be see-through, but this bulk pack of sticky notes is also designed to not let any stains bleed through.

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