25 Brilliantly Sneaky Ways To Conceal Anything You Want To Hide

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Stuck dealing with noisy neighbors or pesky roommates always poking around in your stuff? While it's a total bummer to feel like you're living under a microscope, the good news is there are plenty of products out there for concealing anything you want to keep private. Sometimes, it pays to be a little sly, especially if it makes you feel safer or more comfortable in a new environment. If you find yourself wishing for the days when you had tons of personal space and freedom all to yourself, the solution may be as simple as upping your stealth game.

Products designed to protect your personal information — like smartphone screens that obscure views from prying eyes or wall safes that you can use to store your most treasured belongings — can definitely help. Plus they'll make you feel like you're prepared for just about anything, especially when you're traveling.

Being super secretive actually isn't as hard as it may seem. Whether you're looking to stash some cash or skip the drink line by sneaking in your own booze, these totally ingenious, sometimes hilarious products can help you keep everything on the down-low — and maybe feel like 007 in the process.

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