25 Brilliantly Sneaky Ways To Conceal Anything You Want To Hide

By Shayna Murphy

Stuck dealing with noisy neighbors or pesky roommates always poking around in your stuff? While it's a total bummer to feel like you're living under a microscope, the good news is there are plenty of products out there for concealing anything you want to keep private. Sometimes, it pays to be a little sly, especially if it makes you feel safer or more comfortable in a new environment. If you find yourself wishing for the days when you had tons of personal space and freedom all to yourself, the solution may be as simple as upping your stealth game.

Products designed to protect your personal information — like smartphone screens that obscure views from prying eyes or wall safes that you can use to store your most treasured belongings — can definitely help. Plus they'll make you feel like you're prepared for just about anything, especially when you're traveling.

Being super secretive actually isn't as hard as it may seem. Whether you're looking to stash some cash or skip the drink line by sneaking in your own booze, these totally ingenious, sometimes hilarious products can help you keep everything on the down-low — and maybe feel like 007 in the process.

Entertainment — 25 Brilliantly Sneaky Ways To Conceal Anything You Want To Hide
by Shayna Murphy

1. These Fake Tampon Flasks That Let You Hide Booze In Plain Sight

Smuggle Your Booze, $18 (10 Pack), Amazon

Featuring 10 reusable tubes and sealable sleeves, this innovative but weird AF set of flasks is super functional — and also a great conversation starter. Although they look like ordinary tampons, each one works as a mini flask and fits 1 ounce of booze. The sleeves are leak-proof, which means they won't accidentally spill and leave your purse reeking, and because they're reusable, you won't have to worry about how to replace them when you're done.


2. These Oh-So-Discreet Lotion Flasks That Will Have Everyone Fooled

GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Easy to fill and even easier to conceal inside a purse or backpack, this pack of hidden lotion flasks is a brilliant and sneaky AF way to keep your favorite drinks within close reach. Each bottle holds 4 ounces, and they come with two mess-free funnels so you don't have to worry about spillage. Because the lotion bottles look so realistic, it'll be easy to fool anyone who might be snooping.


3. A Smartphone Case That Hides All Your Essentials

Spigen Slim Armor Case With Wallet For iPhones 7/8, $18, Amazon

Keeping cards and cash secure is simple with this dual-layered, shock-absorbent phone case, which can store up to two cards and cash with secure closure at the same time. It comes with a sliding cover, which provides easy access, plus tactile buttons for quick release. Compatible with iPhones 7 and 8, it's a great thing to have, so long as you're not in the habit of losing your smartphone, too.


4. This Sexy Garter Purse That'll Make You Feel Like An Undercover Agent

StashBandz Garter Purse (XS-M), $20, Amazon

For a functional and sexy undergarment, this garter purse is fun to wear under skirts or dresses so you can have easy access to your keys, lipstick, credit cards, and so much more. Made with French lace and satin, this affordable alternative to normal garters doesn't have any bulky velcro, hooks, or buckles, and comes with a stay-put silicone gripper, so the weight of the purse won't leave it falling down your thigh.


5. This Fluffy Throw Pillow That Conceals Your Valuables

Safety Proof Your Life Throw Pillow Diversion Safe, $30, Amazon

You'll never look at decorative accents the same way again after getting this two-in-one throw pillow, which also functions as a diversion safe. It's hypoallergenic and super comfortable, and it also comes with a secret storage compartment that has a heavy gauge zipper, which you can use for storing money, checks, cards, jewelry, passports, and other valuables. It's even machine-washable, and because it doesn't come with a cover, you can personalize it with one of your own to fit your space and style.


6. This Clever Diversion Safe That Looks Like An Ordinary Bolt

BOLT SAFE Diversion Stash, $12, Amazon

"This hefty safe is a genuine bolt that's hollow. It's a slick way to hide your stash," writes one Amazon reviewer of this diversion safe, which looks like an ordinary bolt. Perfect as a gift — or for someone who spends a lot of time in the tool shed and can separate this from other bolts — it comes with an inner compartment that's thin but ideal for stashing a rolled up bill.


7. This Deceptively Simple Closet Safe That Looks Like A Regular Tank Top

U.S. Patrol Hanging Closet Safe, $12, Amazon

No one will ever guess what lies beneath this hanging closet safe, which looks like a regular cotton tank top on the outside, but contains nine spacious pockets on the inside. Ideal for storing important documents like a birth certificate, as well as other valuables like jewelry, credit cards, and currency, this hanging closet safe is also a clever item to take while traveling, because it folds up just like a normal t-shirt would.


8. These Gloves With A Secret Pocket That Are Great In The Winter

Bits And Pieces Gloves With Secret Zipper Pocket, $17, Amazon

In the winter months, these warm black knit gloves with a secret zipper pocket are sure to come in handy. Lined with fleece for added comfort, they're one size fits all and come with a zippered pocket in each glove, which is each spacious enough to fit a debit card, car key, money, medication, and more.


9. These Boxer Briefs That Make A Great Bachelor Party Gift

Speakeasy Boxer Briefs with a Secret Front Pocket (S-XL), $24, Amazon

These super stretchy boxer briefs aren't like your standard pair, because they come with a large stash pocket inside, which is large enough to fit everything from a passport to condoms, and even a 6-ounce hip flask. They're machine-washable and are also made with cotton and spandex, so they offer a comfortable, breathable fit for all-day wear. They also make a great gift for stag parties because of how conveniently placed that pocket is.


10. Get Your Drink On With This Shady AF Two-In-One Flask Hoodie

Baxbo FlaskHoodie (XL), $40, Amazon

This fleece hoodie makes a great gag gift for friends, but what's really ridiculous about it is that it actually gets the job done. If you're looking for a sneaky but clever way to drink in private, this two-in-one hoodie with a built-in flask is an ingenious way to do it. The strings are the secret way to sip through it — all you have to do is fill up the collapsible flask hidden inside, and you're in business.


11. This Unique Bluetooth-Enabled Beanie That's Great For Morning Runs

Winkeyes Bluetooth Beanie Hat, $15, Amazon

Love listening to music on a walk or run but hate worrying that your headphones might get lost somehow? This cozy beanie is the right solution because it's Bluetooth-enabled and comes with a built-in mic, which you can even use to transmit calls from your smartphone. Made with a rechargeable battery that you can juice up via USB, this hat is a multi-functional and practical accessory, especially during the winter months.


12. This Super-Sneaky Bra Pouch That's Perfect For Traveling

Pacsafe Coversafe Anti-Theft Secret Bra Pouch, $14, Amazon

If you're traveling, this secret bra pouch is a must-have because it gives you a discreet place to hide all your cash and credit cards, while also cutting down on the risk that a pickpocket might get their hands on your stuff. Featuring a snap-closure pouch and adjustable elastic strap that clips easily to the front or side of your bra, this machine-washable pouch is made to rest comfortably underneath clothes and is soft to the touch, so it won't irritate sensitive skin.


13. This Chic Infinity Scarf That Can Conceal Virtually Anything

Pierron Designs Infinity Scarf with Zippered Secret Pocket, $43, Amazon

There are lots of reasons to love this infinity scarf: it's handmade, it's on-trend, and most of all, it can accent any look you're rocking fabulously. But it's also made with a hidden pocket and zipper, which you can use to store your ID, credit cards, passport, cash, and other valuables discreetly. One reviewer raved: "When I wore this scarf, I received countless gasps when I revealed the pocket. It's kind of like that feeling you get when you are wearing a dress with pockets, but better!"


14. This V-Neck Shirt That's A Must-Have When You're Traveling

Clever Travel V-Neck T-Shirt With Secret Pocket (XS-XL), $26, Amazon

If you're traveling and have your hands full, you definitely don't want your wallet or passport just chilling in your pocket, because it'll be easy for pickpockets to run off with your valuables. That won't be a problem with this v-neck shirt, because it comes with a secret pocket that you can use in place of a wallet to keep your phone, cards, and other essentials out of reach. Made from 100 percent cotton, it's also comfortable and fashionable enough to wear even when you're not traveling.


15. This Wall Outlet That's Anything But Ordinary

U.S. Patrol Hidden Wall Safe, $8, Amazon

Big enough to store an entire household's worth of money and jewels, this deceptive little wall safe was designed to fool even the most clever thief. It comes with a changeable face plate, which you can adjust to match your interior decor, as well as all the mounting hardware you need to install it. To gain access, you need a key, which is included. Although this can't actually be used like a normal wall outlet, it looks like one, which can make would-be snoops look the other way.


16. This Supportive Sports Bra That Also Conceals Your Favorite Booze

The WineRack (M), $30, Amazon

Looking for a silly gift or just a creative way to sip on your favorite beverage? This sports bra, which fits sizes 34A through 34D in a medium, is designed to deliver support — but also comes with a removable polyurethane bladder and drinking tube, which you can use to drink any beverage of choice, including wine. Hysterical to flaunt at parties, this sports bra and super-sneaky flask also comes with a convenient on/off switch that you can use to keep from spilling booze everywhere when you're done drinking.


17. This Screen Protector That Keeps Your Phone Away From Prying Eyes

JETech Anti-Spy Tempered Glass Film For iPhones 7/8, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you want to stop people from snooping over your shoulder or checking out your phone, this screen protector, which is made from tempered glass film, is just what you need. Unlike other versions, this one makes screens only visible to people directly in front of them. Available exclusively for iPhones 7 and 8, it's extremely solid and resists scratches up to 9H, which makes it harder than a knife. It also stays dust and fingerprint-free, and is really easy to put together.


18. This Cute Purse That Is Actually Made For Carrying All The Wine

Bella Vita PortoVino Wine Purse, $75, Amazon

You'll be able to bring your wine or drink along anywhere with this specially made wine purse, which secretly holds a removable and replaceable reservoir with a pouring spout. Each reservoir can hold up to two bottles of wine, while the backside of the purse comes with a button flap that you can open to reveal the spout. Lined with a cute pattern, it also comes with sturdy straps that make it easy to carry. Another reason to love this purse? You can take out the reservoir and rock the bag as-is, to add a fashionable accessory to your outfit.


19. This Ultra-Comfy Underwear That Helps You Stash Your Cash

Stashitware Hidden Pocket Underwear (XS-XL), $11, Amazon

This (mostly) cotton underwear is designed to be comfortable, breathable, and super useful if you're trying to conceal valuable items. Made with a pocket that's roughly 8 to 10 inches deep and goes all the way down and back up the other side, it comes in a range of styles, too. "The pocket on the briefs is good for an iPhone for example, but I would get the boy shorts for carrying a passport," wrote one reviewer. "Pocket is deep but easily accessed by the wearer. Very comfortable and could be worn without stashing stuff in them."


20. This Stylish Tank Top With A Pocket So Hidden, You'll Forget It's There

Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank top with Secret Pocket, $40, Amazon

This tank top is pretty basic — but it's a terrific option if you're headed to a new place or are concerned about pickpockets, because it comes with a secret pocket. Centered right in the middle of the tank, this zippered pouch is almost entirely invisible to would-be thieves and roomy enough to fit a smartphone, cash, credit cards, and even passports. Made of cotton, this shirt is ultra-comfy and machine-washable, so you can wear it over and over again.


21. This Handmade Jewelry Box That Will Only Open If You Know The Secret Trick

PolishArt Secret Puzzle Box, $40, Amazon

This exquisite handmade puzzle box was made from extremely durable, aged Linden wood, which is found in Poland's Tatra mountains. Detailed and finely finished, this box is great for storing jewelry, letters, money, or any kind of sentimental keepsakes. Aside from its gorgeous exterior, which offers the kind of attention to detail that will make this box a lasting memento you'll want to pass down to future generations, it also comes with a little trick to protect valuables against would-be snoops — it won't open unless you know the special trick!


22. This Fingerprint-Encrypted Flash Drive That's Great For Guarding Your Sensitive Documents

Forrader Fingerprint USB Flash Drive, $60, Amazon

Want to keep your private data safe from potential theft or leaks? This fingerprint-encrypted USB flash drive is a must-have that no one will ever crack into, unless that person happens to be you. From pictures to work files, this flash drive can store it all and is compatible with a variety of systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It comes with a reading speed of 10MB/s and writing speed 4MB/s and can be adjusted to fit up to six fingerprints, so you can share this with a select few, if you choose.


23. This Beautiful Locket That You Can Also Use To Carry Medication

Pearlina Egg Locket, $50, Amazon

This sterling silver locket is as gorgeous as it is functional, because the egg cage it comes with can be used to store a variety of things, including essential oils or perfumes, which makes it a great gift for anyone who loves aromatherapy. It comes with a rope chain of 20 inches, but you can switch that out for another, if you wish. Because of how spacious the locket is, you can also open it up to carry your medication, in case you're always forgetting it.


24. This Fake Quarter With A Secret Compartment That'll Make You Feel Like A Spy

CCS Spy Gear US Mint Quarter, $24, Amazon

This quarter looks just like a normal coin, but it's not: it has a secret interior compartment that makes it an incredibly covert way to store very small, almost granular items where no one would ever suspect. It comes with a twist-off top, but it'll stay firmly in place throughout use. Although this is a popular pick (and so sneaky you might forget it's not a real quarter), many reviewers note that it's not actually big enough to fit a MicroSD card unless you modify it. One reviewer, who was able to do it successfully, noted: "The quarter must be filed a bit or bent to fit the MicroSD card. I used a dremel tool to polish the inside and it did the job."


25. This Sharpie Marker With A Hidden Compartment That Still Actually Works

Secret Stash Spy Sharpie Marker, $9, Amazon

Unlike some other secret compartment tools, this Sharpie marker, which comes with a hidden compartment, actually works. Made with interior ink that won't spill or explode when you take the cap off, it writes just like the real thing, but comes unscrewed in the middle and can be used to store valuables like medication, money, jewelry, and more. This also makes a great stocking stuffer because it's so small and multi-functional.

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