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13 Times The 2016 Presidential Election Got Really Weird


There is no political event on the planet quite like the US presidential election. It truly is an absurd spectacle.

Yes, it's very important, but no other country spends as much time or energy deciding how to elect its next leader.

The US presidential election is like a non-stop, two-year reality TV show.

During that time, candidates spend astronomical amounts of money on their campaigns while saying and doing whatever they can to win over voters.

It's one of the greatest sources of entertainment on earth!

If you're a cynic, you might view it all as one big distraction from more pressing matters. While that's probably true in many ways, there's so much focus on the election because it ultimately has a huge impact on the country and the wider world.

And if you're enjoying all of it, there's still roughly nine months until election day... so, plenty to look forward to.

Every presidential election has memorable moments -- sometimes inspiring, sometimes offensive and sometimes just plain odd.

It's fair to say the 2016 election has been one of the strangest in recent memory, so we compiled a list of some of the weirdest highlights up to this point.

Whether you're feeling positive or negative about this election, there's no way to deny how funny some of these are.

1. When Deez Nuts emerged as a candidate.

2. When Ted Cruz ate bacon off a machine gun.

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3. When Sarah Palin endorsed Trump and vomited gibberish.

4. When "Sticker Kid" stole the show while Hillary Clinton spoke in Iowa.

5. When Rubio supporters attacked a guy dressed like a robot. (Let's be real, Rubio is a robot.)

6. When Vermin Supreme finished fourth in the NH Democratic primaries.

7. When Ben Carson defended his belief the pyramids were used for grain storage.

8. Also, when Ben Carson awkwardly botched his entrance at the GOP debate.

9. Yeah... Ben Carson is just weird in general.

10. When Jeb Bush politely pleaded with people to clap for him. (OK, that was just sad. Hang in there, Jeb!)

11. Also, when Jeb Bush revealed he doesn't know how to put on a zip-up hoodie.

12. When a bald eagle, the symbol of America, attacked Donald Trump (eagles can smell evil).

13. When the USA Freedom Kids sang at a Trump rally and terrified everyone (symbolic of Trump's campaign -- awkward yet terrifying).

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