Here's how to get the Marvel Look-Alike Grid filter on TikTok to see which superhero you are.

Shapeshift Into Your Marvel Look-Alike With This TikTok Filter

Keep playing with it until you get the superhero you want.

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It’s been a couple years since the Augmented Reality (AR) filter boom of January 2020 — but they’re still as fun as ever. There’s a filter for just about any fandom you can think of, whether it’s Disney or the latest Netflix gem. Of course, Marvel stans had to get in on the fun, too, and if you’ve ever wondered which Marvel superhero you’d be IRL, there’s a filter for that. Here’s how to get the Marvel characters grid on TikTok for a look-alike filter like no other.

The first Marvel filter — an Avengers Instagram filter from @nofar.shoshan — went viral in January 2020 after Mark Ruffalo shared a video of him using the filter that randomly matched you with a superhero. (Unsurprisingly, Ruffalo got the Hulk.) TBH, it was only a matter of time before a TikTok version would arise.

Cut to more than a year later, and the Marvel characters grid on TikTok began trending on the app in April 2021, which coincided with the U.S. launch of the Shapeshifting effect on TikTok. TikTokers used the app's Shapeshifting filter to create the look-alike effect that transforms your face into one of the Marvel superheroes by randomly choosing one of the characters from a group Marvel grid photo uploaded to TikTok. Unfortunately, it’s not super easy to find: Since the filter is actually a combination of two elements, simply searching “Marvel” on TikTok won’t get you there. If you haven't used the Shapeshifting filter before, here’s what to know about getting in on the look-alike fun.

How To Get The Marvel Grid Filter On TikTok:

  1. Save the Marvel grid photo to your phone. You can try this popular one from image editing platform Kapwing. It’s free to download but will have a small watermark in the bottom right corner. You can also try to make your own photo collage.
  2. Get the Shapeshifting TikTok filter by opening the camera on the app. From there, tap “Effects” and find it under the “Trending” tab.
  3. To save the filter, search “Shapeshifting” on TikTok, tap on a video with the filter, tap the filter name, and then save it to your favorites. You can also add it to favorites in the camera by tapping on the effect and then tapping the bookmark icon above the photo upload button.
  4. While using the Shapeshifting Effect, upload the grid photo from your phone’s gallery by tapping the plus sign icon. Then, you’ll see a preview of the effect with a countdown before it meshes your face into one of the characters. Finally, record your video.

How To Get The Marvel Look-Alike Filters On Instagram:

As of Oct. 28, it appears the original filter is no longer available, but creators have made other Marvel character filters on Instagram. You can find them by searching “Marvel” in the “Browse Effects” section of your Instagram Camera.

  1. Search Instagram’s “Browse Effects” section. There, you’ll find Marvel filters such as the “MARVEL character” filter from @natali.zmi or the “Marvel SuperHero” filter by @ajinkya_j18.
  2. You can also have a friend share the filter with you if you see they’ve recently posted a Story with a filter you want to use.
  3. To use the filter, record a selfie video with your Instagram Camera and watch the cards flip above your head until it selects your character.

Once you know how to use the Marvel look-alike filter on TikTok, and other fun Avengers-inspired options on Instagram, have fun seeing which superhero you are, and don’t forget to post it for all your friends to see.

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