A TikTok about which first word to guess on Wordle is blowing up.

Linguist TikTok Is Sharing The Best Words To Guess First On Wordle

You might want to change your go-to word after seeing this.

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Wordle is still a hot topic and users continue to share their daily green, yellow, and gray squares. And even if you aren’t big on puzzle games, there’s no escaping the once-a-day word game. In fact, a new piece of the puzzle has been added to the picture. Two TikTok users set out to reveal the most opportune first guess words Wordle players can input. And mission accomplished, because this TikTok revealed the best Wordle first guess word.

It all began when TikTok user @linguisticdiscovery shared his personal recommendation as to what players should input as their first guess while playing Wordle. “As a linguist, your first word in Wordle should be ‘Irate,’” he said.

Still, that didn’t stop computer scientist @crvlwanek from developing a code that produced the top 10 best first guess words to put in Wordle. The video was stitched with @linguisticdiscovery’s original video, and @crvlwanek explained as a computer scientist “I want some proof. What is the actual optimal starting word?

In the TikTok video, the user walked us through how he developed the code to produce a list of best first guess words, based on the full Wordle word list. According to the code, the optimal first guess is “Later.”

Now, if you don’t want to input “Later” as your first guess, or you want to switch it up every now and then, the video also listed other prime guesses that will help players figure out the word of the day. But if you don’t want to go that route, here are some helpful tips to help you earn green squares.

For players who need a little more guidance, here are the top 10 best first word guesses, according to @crvlwanek.

  1. Later
  2. Alter
  3. Alert
  4. Arose
  5. Irate
  6. Stare
  7. Arise
  8. Raise
  9. Learn
  10. Renal

Wordle has begged loads of questions in regards to the type of words and letters it uses in its daily puzzles. So, it’s easy to understand why #LinguistTikTok has caught onto the hype that surrounds the game.

For another challenging twist, the game now allows users to activate Hard Mode. While in Hard Mode, the rules remain the same except for one. Once you guess a word and earn yellow or green hints, players must stick to using those letters in later guesses.

Or the latest option word puzzle fans can use is Taylordle, the Taylor Swift version of Wordle where all words are taken from Swift’s music.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Wordle, and other games like it, are here to stay.