Young woman sitting on her couch, thinking of her first apartment mistake that cost big money.
Dorm Life Would Never

These First Apartment Horror Stories Cost Some Major $$$

Make some spare keys *right now.*

By Annie Lin
You’re On Your Own, Kid

I Had To Delay My Dreams To Pay Off $10K+ In Credit Card Debt

This was not on my post-grad vision board.

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TikTok's @yourrichbff saved grocery money by dating
Check, Please!

How I Saved Grocery Money By Dating (Yes, Really)

The truth behind @YourRichBFF’s viral video.

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Two young women smiling on a trip after learning how to travel on a budget after college.
Gotta Jet

11 Ways To Travel On A Budget After College That Are Actually Legit

TikTokers spill the tea to less expensive vacays (minus the #sponcon).

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Balance Due

The Grad's Guide To Your First Credit Card (& Not Screwing It Up)

Conquer all your fears with these hot tips from experts.

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I Tried Hailey Bieber's Erewhon Smoothie & It Was Berry Good

But the cost is a biiit much, IMHO.

By Rachel Chapman

Disney’s Spring 2023 Hotel Deals Include 25% Off Resort Rooms

As if I needed another reason to visit Disney.

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What Is Disney’s Dining Promo Card? You Can Get Up To $750 For Food

This deal’s for the foodies!

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Travel Hacks

How To Get A Free $20 Uber Voucher When You Book With JetBlue

This deal is especially great for your trip to Disney World.

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How To Do TikTok’s $10K Savings Challenge To Boost Your Wealth in 2023

In just 100 days, you’ll be swimming in dough.

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Here’s The Real Cost Of Staying At The White Lotus In Hawaii & Sicily

Tanya really paid the ultimate price.

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Dream Homes

You Can Rent Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street Apartment In NYC RN

The iconic pad looks nothing like you'd expect.

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Swiftie Fandom

Is Taylor Swift’s VIP 'Eras' Tour Package Worth It? A Breakdown

The most expensive package is $899 — before tax and fees!

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2022’s Best Black Friday Travel Deals Include $39 Flights

Other discounts include a trip to Japan and a Greek Islands adventure.

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Easy Money

Coffee Mate Will Pay You $5K To Skip A Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Coffee (and money) > running.

By Jillian Giandurco

A Trip To Disney Parks Is Getting More Expensive In 2023

However, there are plenty of hacks to save money.

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