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October Will Be The Month Of Flirtationships For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs

The social energy of the season is at an all-time high.

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If you’ve recently noticed a surge in your social battery, you might credit that to your pumpkin spice latte — but it may actually be because Libra season is here and Mercury retrograde is *finally* on its way out. ‘Tis the season to mingle, flirt, and spend time outdoors without having to constantly seek shade from the sun’s blazing rays. And the fun’s only just beginning. Libra season is a time when partnership, connection, and relatability are on everyone’s minds, but three lucky zodiac signs will have the best month of October 2022. No hibernation mode for them.

Since Libra is an air sign, looking to relate and unify via shared opinions and ideas, Libra season is usually a mentally stimulating time for all air signs, as they share this modality. Each of them is primarily motivated by connecting to others through communication, so October’s energy — especially ahead of Scorpio season (starting around Oct. 23) — will definitely be right up their alley. As the sun travels through the houses in each of their birth charts that aligns with their natural-born gifts, these three signs are certain to feel right at home this month.

Here’s what air signs can expect from the chatty energy of October:

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Gemini: Your Creative Pursuits Are Thriving

After a hectic Mercury retrograde, you’re finally start to feel like yourself again this month, Gemini, as the sun continues through your fifth house of pleasure, dating, and creativity. Now is the perfect time to embark on a new passion project, attend a concert with your new bae, or teach yourself a fun new hobby. Anything that stimulates your artistic side will be totally your speed this month, and with your chart ruler, Mercury, reentering Libra on Oct. 10, you’ll be eager to connect, flirt, and socialize.

Libra: Your Social Calendar Is Completely Booked

I hope you’re ready, Libra, because this month, you’ll be socializing more than you have all year. As the sun continues to travel through your first house of self, all eyes will be on you, making this the perfect time to network, mingle, and create new relationships. With so much emphasis on your social life, it’ll be important that you carve out some time for self-care during this busy month, so be sure to engage in activities that allow you to center your pleasure. As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, you feel your best when you’re surrounded by your loved ones, and the good thing is you won’t be running short on company this month.

Aquarius: Newfound Knowledge Is Your Top Priority

As October begins, you’ll be feeling the urge to lean into your belief systems, as the sun travels through your ninth house. It’s the perfect time to connect to others via shared philosophies or worldly perspectives, so don’t hesitate to extend an invite to your friends to join your sound bath sesh. This month is also a great time to travel and expand your horizons, Aquarius. As someone who’s always eager to learn new things, you’ll be feeling right at home. Summer may be over, but the adventures are just beginning.

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