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The 2022 Winter Solstice Will Be Chilly For These 3 Signs

These signs are on the naughty list.

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If Sagittarius season had you running on fumes, not to worry — you’ll definitely be able to recharge your batteries before Christmas arrives. With the winter solstice officially upon us, temperatures are dropping, but your productivity levels will be at an all-time high. As the sun prepares to step into Capricorn, everyone will be feeling eager to refine their long-term goals and objectives in a way that centers practicality and success right before the ball drops. While every sign will be feeling the pressure to succeed, the winter solstice won’t be all about work for three zodiac signs.

When Is Winter Solstice 2022?

The winter solstice will take place on Dec. 21 at 4:49 p.m. ET. As Capricorn season begins at the same time, collective emphasis will shift towards goal-setting, diligence, and responsibility. As the cardinal, earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is all about prioritizing actions that will lead to success and achievements. As the goal-oriented sign of the zodiac, this season tends to feel a bit more rigid than most, since this is the planet responsible for implementing structures and duties. For three zodiac signs, however, this season won’t be as stressful, since Capricorn governs over a more mundane area of their birth charts.

Here’s how Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius can expect to be impacted:

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Leo (July 22 - Aug. 22)

On Dec. 21, the sun, (aka your chart ruler) will shift into your sixth house representing work, health, and routines, inviting you to set up some new goals and objectives when it comes to your daily habits. You’re someone who benefits from structure when it comes to your day-to-day life, and the winter solstice is the perfect time to get serious about your essential rituals. Just be sure to pace yourself, Leo. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to start until after Christmas.

Gemini (May 22 - June 22)

As the sun shifts into Capricorn on Dec. 21, you’ll be encouraged to take a closer look at your shared resources and boundaries within your relationships. Now is the time to implement any financial plans or policies that you may have struggled to maintain, Gemini, so feel free to refine your spending habits now. You might be dealing with overwhelming responsibilities from your relationships now, so it may be a good time to consider which duties you’re comfortable taking on, and what you’re willing to pass on.

Aquarius (Jan. 19 - Feb. 21)

On Dec. 21, the sun will shift into Capricorn, inviting you to do a deep dive inward when it comes to your mental health and behind-the-scenes habits. As the sun makes its way through your 12th house, you’ll be prompted to review the ways that you recharge your batteries. Now is the perfect time to implement some self-care structures into your daily life, whether it’s getting up earlier, practicing yoga, or taking a break from social media. It’s not the time to exert excess energy, Aquarius, so try to prioritize rest and recovery now more than any strenuous activities.