Stanley shares whether fans can expect a restock of the Olivia Rodrigo cup.

Will Olivia Rodrigo's Stanley Cup Restock? It’s Brutal Out Here

It’s giving major Ticketmaster deja vu.

Olivia Rodrigo
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If you thought getting tickets to Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS Tour was hard, wait until you hear about attempting to cop her limited-edition Stanley tumbler.

For the official drop on Tuesday, July 9, Stanley implemented an EQL launch system, a lottery meant to block resellers. And yet, some Livies ran into issues just submitting their information.

Since lucky winners would have their orders processed for the $55 40-ounce tumbler automatically, fans had to enter their name, delivery address, and credit card information in the EQL submission form without knowing whether they’d actually receive the cup.

So not only did site errors prevent some fans from entering in the first place, but many others didn’t get selected to *win* the Olivia Rodrigo x Stanley Quencher either. (Remember, it’s literally a water bottle.)

OK, But There Are Going To Be Other Opps... Right?

Unfortunately, it’s time to cue up “traitor” and grab some tissues, because according to Stanley, the limited-edition collaboration won’t be making a return once it sells out.

Every Livie that gets the Olivia Stanley is a win for me.

Some fans are trying to look at the upside to this fiasco, though. As one pointed out on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Every Livie that gets the Olivia Stanley is a win for me ‘cause that means one less cup that goes to resellers.” (This is provided Stanley’s EQL method worked properly.)

There’s some good and bad with that, because that also means there will likely be less opportunity for those who missed out to find the Quencher on resale sites like eBay or Poshmark.

The Future Of Stanley x Olivia Rodrigo Cup Collabs Is Unknown

The official purple OR cup is one of Stanley’s 40-ounce Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumblers with a clear SOUR grape lid and reusable straw. The design resembles Rodrigo’s GUTS tour poster with “vampire”-red and silver stars across the side.

Olivia Rodrigo

A Stanley rep tells Elite Daily that “Olivia was involved in the design process” of her exclusive cup, and in the launch announcement on July 2, she can be seen drinking out of her own tumbler on tour. This makes it a teenage dream of a collab.

With how popular and viral Stanley cups are, you have to wonder whether there might be more products with the “obsessed” singer in the works. Though Stanley doesn’t have plans right now, the same rep says the brand is always trying to “keep a pulse on consumer trends.” It’s possible if enough Livies are interested, there’s always hope for something more.

Until then, get a purple Stanley cup and customize it with silver stars so it looks like a Rodrigo dupe. Stanley even has a set of reusable straws with a purple shade to match.