Mount Etna can be seen from the village of Taormina just like in 'The White Lotus' season finale.

The White Lotus Finale Volcano Eruption Was Real & Here’s How To See It IRL

Aubrey Plaza says the location foreshadowed the “volcanic” season.

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Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The White Lotus Season 2 finale. Tensions have been so high during this entire season of The White Lotus that it’s no wonder things literally erupted in the finale. If you noticed The White Lotus volcano eruption happening in the background, that was not only a metaphor for the drama in the series but an actual volcano eruption in Sicily. The most shocking thing about the volcano eruption in The White Lotus was that it actually happened while the cast and crew were there filming.

Back when promoting Season 2 of The White Lotus in October, Aubrey Plaza said the one word she would use to describe this season was “volcanic.” After watching the finale, fans now understand what she meant. While the first season of the show focused on guests staying at The White Lotus in Hawaii, this second season was set in Italy — Sicily, to be exact. By now, fans have likely added an Italian vacay to their bucket lists. Despite all the drama that went down between the characters, The White Lotus filming location is quite stunning. Along with staying at the hotel or one of the villas from the series, you can actually visit the volcano from The White Lotus IRL as well.

Was The White Lotus Volcano Eruption Real?

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When talking about shooting in Sicily, Plaza shared with Cosmopolitan that “the location informs the show.” She also revealed, “[T]here’s a literal volcano that has erupted since we’ve been here.” That volcano is the one seen erupting in the finale. It is named Mount Etna and is visible from the Four Seasons Hotel, where they filmed The White Lotus. According to Travel + Leisure, the active volcano erupted in February, around the time The White Lotus Season 2 was in production.

Whether the show’s creator, Mike White, knew Mount Etna would erupt or not, it’s clear the volcano played a major role in the series’ climax. Honestly, let’s give Mount Etna a Golden Globes nom as well. Even TikTokers noticed the inclusion of Mount Etna artwork in Tanya’s room. You could also see the actual Mount Etna in the background of Harper and Ethan’s room as well, which really foreshadowed Ethan’s “explosive” moment in the finale. His character really felt like a volcano about to erupt in the penultimate episode.

Will Sharpe, who played Ethan, shared with Vanity Fair what it was like filming in Sicily. “Mount Etna, the volcano, looms quite large over it in a, I found, quite surreal [way]. I felt like I almost had to remind myself on a daily basis that that's not a hologram, that really is a volcano.” Like Sharpe says, it’s a real volcano that you can visit during your White Lotus-themed vacay.

Where Is The White Lotus Volcano?

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Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily. There are actually tours that will take you to the volcano during your Sicilian trip from cities and towns like Catania, Taormina, and Messina. Taormina is where the majority of The White Lotus was set, so that may be where you want to start. While the volcano is gorgeous to visit year-round, the best months are said to be May and September through October.

If you saw Episode 5 of The White Lotus, when Harper, Ethan, Daphne, and Cameron go to a vineyard in Sicily, you may want to do a wine tasting on your trip too. Well, there is a Mount Etna tour for you. This Mount Etna Wine Tour not only takes you on an off-road adventure and hike along the volcano, but you’ll also stop for wine and lunch at a wine cellar “on the slopes of Mount Etna.” Who can say they’ve had wine made from the soil of an active volcano? Something tells me Daphne, Harper, Ethan, and Cameron would add it to their itinerary.

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