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This Valentine’s Day Will Be A 0/10 For 3 Zodiac Signs

Somebody call Cupid for a refund.

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time when single people are reminded how single they are (as if it’s always a negative thing), and pressure is placed on coupled-up individuals to go all out for their partner with elaborate gifts and chocolate-covered treats. From an astrological perspective, Valentine’s Day takes place right in the middle of Aquarius season, a sign that’s very much against flashy, over-the-top displays of affection, so it’s ironic that this is what Cupid’s special day tends to entail. The astrology on Feb. 14 this year in particular is grandiose, intensifying this holiday’s festivities for some, and clashing with the astrological makeup of others. These three unlucky zodiac signs are part of the latter group on Valentine’s Day 2022.

On Feb. 14, the moon will be traveling through the fixed fire sign of Leo, enhancing emotion in a way that’s vibrant and expressive, while Mercury simultaneously shifts into its sister sign, Aquarius. This push-pull energy between these two zodiac signs will increase a need for personal attention and appreciation, while also emphasizing a desire to shift attention away from the self, and to original thoughts and ideas that can be shared with the collective. Though this energy will be incredibly supportive for some, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces will experience these transits through areas of their charts that are a lot less lucky. Here’s how:

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On Feb. 14, the moon will be traveling through your 12th house of isolation and introspection, opposing your chart ruler, Mercury, in your sixth house of work and productivity. Instead of getting into the romantic spirit on this day, you’ll likely be far more occupied with your work and responsibilities, especially as the efficient, acts-of-service sign of the zodiac. The good thing is, this energy will support any projects you’re working on. Just be sure to allow yourself to rest and reflect as needed. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so try to get some self-care in on this day.


As the moon makes its way through your eighth house of boundaries, endings, and shared resources, your top priority on Valentine’s Day will be less about eating as many chocolate-covered strawberries you can, and more about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in all of your relationships. You tend to prioritize setting and achieving long-term goals, a quality that others can oftentimes acknowledge and take for granted. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for you to assess how much you’re giving to others versus how much you’re getting in return, especially as Mercury shifts into your second house of resources on this day as well. Having a boundaries conversation on Feb. 14 is necessary, and it’s ultimately the best way to prioritize yourself. You deserve it.


As a water sign, you’re typically all about expressing your emotions for others, but this year, your Valentine’s Day will likely prompt you to draw your energy inward, as the moon makes its way through your sixth house of labor and physical health. Your body tends to be incredibly sensitive to stress and lack of rest, and today is the perfect day to assess how much you’ve been allowing yourself to recharge. With Mercury also shifting into your 12th house of isolation on Feb. 14, you’ll be inclined to review your mental health habits, making it the perfect day to spend some time in isolation.

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