Young couple smiling on Valentine's Day 2022, which will be romantic for their lucky zodiac signs.

Valentine's Day Will Be Filled With Love For 3 Zodiac Signs

They’ll definitely be smelling the roses.

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love to hate, or hate to love — there’s rarely an in between. While some may consider this holiday a superficial way to show off the rose bouquets and edible arrangements gifted to them by their romantic partners, others see it as a way to celebrate their loved ones by any means possible. From a cosmic standpoint, the astrology on Valentine’s Day this year definitely aligns with the over-the-top energy of this red and pink celebration, and the three lucky zodiac signs who will have the best Valentine’s Day 2022 should consider themselves #blessed.

On Feb. 14, the moon will be hanging out in the fixed fire sign of Leo, the sign all about expressing yourself as passionately and dramatically as possible. In astrology, Leo rules over the heart, complementing the sole purpose of this occasion, which is to express the love in your heart as loudly as you please. Mercury will also be shifting into Aquarius, the sister sign to Leo, adding a desire to express yourself honestly and openly. While this energy may not be every zodiac sign’s favorite, it will definitely be beneficial for three zodiac signs in particular. Here’s how:

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On Feb. 14, the moon will be traveling through your fifth house of pleasure, dating, and creativity, emphasizing romance in a way that’s playful and lighthearted. This is the perfect time to plan something fun to do with your significant other, like a game night or an art class. Since Mercury will be moving into your 11th house of friends on the same day, it can also be a day when you invite your friends to join you as well. The more the merrier, right? No matter what your plans look like on Valentine’s Day, it will definitely be a day when you’re eager to socialize and express your feelings to your loved ones in a way that’s warm and straightforward.


As the moon travels through your first house of self on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be feeling eager to share your feelings with your significant other, but it’ll also be a day when you may be inclined to shower yourself with affection. As a Leo, you understand the importance of loving yourself first, and while Valentine’s Day tends to zero in on partners, you’ll be reminded that the best love you can experience comes from within. Not to worry, though, romance will still be emphasized for you, especially once Mercury shifts into your seventh house on this day. You’ll be eager to communicate with your partner, and it’ll be incredibly easy to convey exactly how you feel about them.


On Valentine’s Day, the moon will be traveling through your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships, placing emphasis on your emotional needs in a way that’s bold and expressive. You tend to be a bit more hesitant to express yourself loudly, but on Feb. 14, you’ll be more willing to share your feelings with your partner, especially as Mercury makes its way into your first house of self. You’ll be far more inclined to get a few things off your chest, so while you’re spending time with your loved ones, be sure to tell them exactly how you feel — the planets are definitely on your side.

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