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BTS Fans Are Sending So Much Love To Suga After He Tested Positive For COVID

ARMYs everywhere are tweeting #GetWellSoonYoongi.

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After a successful of run of Permission to Dance On Stage concerts in Los Angeles, BTS member Suga has finally returned to South Korea after staying behind in the U.S. for a few additional days. However, it wasn’t the warm welcome the songwriter and rapper expected. On Friday, Dec. 24, the group’s management shared in a statement on Weverse that the K-pop idol has tested positive for COVID-19. After the announcement, ARMY flocked to Twitter to send supportive tweets about BTS’ Suga testing positive for COVID-19.

With the power of ARMY — BTS’ fanbase — it didn’t take long for the tags #GetWellSoonSuga and #GetWellSoonYoongi to trend with fans wishing the star a speedy recovery. According to the Weverse statement, Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, is currently “not presenting any symptoms as of [Dec. 24]” and is “administering self-care at home.” The statement included that the rapper had “completed his second round of the COVID-19 vaccination in late August.”

While the news was definitely not something fans wanted to hear on Christmas Eve of all days, they took it with a positive outlook and used the opportunity to send out messages of love. Some fans even started a Twitter campaign under the tag #HolidaysWithYoongi to share how they’re virtually spending the holiday with the star who is now in self-quarantine. This news also comes just a day after the K-pop group shared a dance practice video of them performing the holiday remix of their Grammy-nominated song “Butter.”

Suga also made headlines recently as he was the first Korean solo artist to ever debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart for his collaboration with the late Juice WRLD on the song “Girl Of My Dreams.” Some fans were even speculating that the reason Suga stayed back in the States for additional days was to work on new music under his solo rap stage name, August D. BTS has also stated that the group will be taking some time off for some much-deserved rest. The group has been going hard for quite some time, and had a very busy schedule in the U.S. between the Permission To Dance On Stage concert and making appearances at shows like The Late Late Show With James Corden.

With Suga starting a quarantine after his positive COVID-19 PCR test, he’ll have plenty of time to rest. Of course, he’ll also have plenty of time to scroll through on Twitter with all the well wishes and love that fans are tweeting. Some fans have even shared some of their favorite photos and videos of the star to wish him a speedy recovery.

One fan even brought back this LOL-worthy video of BTS member RM telling COVID to “get the hell out,” which is very appropriate right now.

In the #HolidaysWithYoongi tag, many fans were sharing snippets of their Christmas Eve with Suga, like coloring pictures and spending time with their pets. For anyone who has been in self-quarantine, you know how quickly things can get boring. Having tons of content to scroll through will definitely help the idol waste a few hours of his day, if necessary.

Hopefully Suga is seeing all of this outpouring of love and support from ARMY and it’s helping along with tons of sleep. Here’s to a recovery that’s “smooth like butter.”

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