BTS' crosswalk concert on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' was so hilariously chaotic.

Twitter Is Cackling Over BTS' Chaotic Crosswalk Concert With James Corden

They literally brought traffic to a halt.

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BTS has performed in some of the biggest venues around the world (hello, Seoul Olympic Stadium and Wembley Stadium), but during their latest appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the group made Beverly Boulevard their stage for an iconic crosswalk concert. While cars were stopped for traffic in Los Angeles, the septet ran out onto the crosswalk to perform "Butter," "Permission to Dance," and "Dynamite” before the light turned green. As this happened, host James Corden acted as BTS’ director, and as you can imagine, things got pretty chaotic. ARMYs shared their favorite moments from the performance on Twitter, and once you see them, you won’t be able to stop cracking up.

The Late Late Show shared a sneak peek of the performance on Nov. 23, which was the day BTS actually filmed the concert. Just by watching the 30-second video, fans knew it was going to be good. “Before tonight's #LateLateShow with @bts_twt, here's a little peek at the incredible Crosswalk Concert they filmed today that will air in an upcoming episode,” the show’s official Twitter account teased.

Fans waited weeks to watch the performance, and on Friday, Dec. 17, it finally aired. It was well worth the wait because BTS put on such a good show. The video began with Corden telling BTS their recent Permission to Dance On Stage concerts were just an “appetizer” for their next performance. “Today, you are going to play the biggest venue of your life,” Corden told the guys while standing on Beverly Boulevard.

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“I’m scared. I don’t think this is safe,” Jimin said. “Yeah. He absolutely loves it,” Corden said.

BTS just went along with it, but before they kicked things off, Jimin told Corden he’s not just “Papa Mochi” (BTS’ nickname for Corden) but “Friend Mochi” to them. “By the way, why do we call him Mochi?” Jungkook asked. “Because he’s so sweet,” Jimin adorably responded. “I thought it’s because he looks like Mochi,” Jin said, to which BTS hilariously agreed.

After giving BTS some “choreography lessons,” Corden then directed the group to kick off their performance of “Butter.” Of course, the group did amazing. They then performed “Permission to Dance” and “Dynamite” while Corden tried to sell butter as merchandise to drivers. “One of us should have told James the song is not literally about butter,” Suga said.

Watch BTS’ crosswalk concert on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

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No doubt about it: this was definitely one of BTS’ best late-night appearances.