These 2022 travel trends and predictions from Expedia, Pinterest, and include biolumines...
The Top Travel Trends For 2022 Include Nighttime Adventures And Spontaneous Trips

Plus, BTS’ popularity has inspired one bucket list destination.

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After staying close to home for almost two years, you’re more than ready to go wherever your passport will allow. The wanderlust within has never been greater, so with a new year, it’s time to set some new goals to adventure more in the new year. Chances are you’re definitely planning to vacay in some of the greatest destinations, but where exactly should you set your sights in 2022? Well, according to some experts in the travel industry, these 2022 travel trends and predictions include so many vlog-worthy destinations as well as a greater emphasis on cool experiences.

You’re ready to dive into some new adventures in 2022. Whether you’re planning on staying closer to home or looking farther afield in the new year, you’re ready to dust off your suitcase. You should still keep an eye on the most up-to-date health and travel guidelines from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention as well as any restrictions of wherever you’re traveling to, but you’ll first need to know where you’d like to go.

While you probably have been putting together a travel wish list since 2020, you may need some direction from travel experts at Expedia, Pinterest, Hilton, and about 2022 travel trends to help you come up with an agenda. Staying on trend with your adventures will ensure you have the most epic vacay. You want something that is even more than just an Insta-worthy destination to make up for all of that time you spent sitting on your couch dreaming of sitting on an airplane or taking the road trip of a lifetime. With that in mind, check out these 12 travel trends and predictions for 2022 to inspire your next getaway.

Vlog-Worthy Road Trips
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You may not be ready to hop on a plane just yet, and that’s totally cool. Some of the best adventures happen on the road, and Pinterest is expecting road trips to be even bigger in 2022. Not just any road trip, though. You’ll want the perfect “road trip aesthetic” with stops at roadside diners and attractions with the right playlist to sing along to in the car for hours.

Basically, you’ll want your road trip to be worthy of a vlog on TikTok. So, in between the best foodie spots and Insta-worthy sights you’ve mapped out, be sure to give yourself the freedom to be spontaneous as well.

Bioluminescent Destinations

You also may want to go to places where the pics don’t do them justice at all. Something like seeing bioluminescent lights IRL is just that, and Pinterest believes destinations with neon waves will be big in 2022. Of course, you’ve seen the Insta pics and TikToks of people at the beach at night checking out the bioluminescent lights in the water, but it’s just not the same as seeing the phenomenon in person.

Mexico has some really great bioluminescent beaches, especially in Tulum. The San Juan Islands in Washington also have some great bioluminescence, which you can see up close in a kayak tour.

Han River In Seoul

It’s no wonder that Pinterest is also seeing Seoul as a big travel destination in 2022. With the popularity of K-Pop bands like BTS, fans will want to visit the capital of South Korea. You can check out the Korean convenience stores like TikToker @annainseoul, or stop by some of the To All The Boys filming locations like the Insta-worthy 2D cafe.

However, the biggest must-do on your trip should be to see the Han River at night, where they have a sparkling water display with music.

Nighttime Beaches

If you’ll notice, nighttime sights seem to be a big travel trend in 2022, according to Pinterest. One relaxing getaway you’ll want to consider is a trip to the beach, but specifically, one with a great nighttime view. While going to the beach during the day is a great way to soak up some vitamin D and swim in the sea, there’s just something about walking along the beach at night with a full moon that makes for a romantic weekend getaway for you and your partner.

The Santa Monica Pier lights up the beach at night in California, but you can also find a beach that allows bonfires for even s’more fun. You could also find an Airbnb right on the beach, so you can watch the moon glow over the water from your cozy home away from home.

London Calling
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Right now, fully vaccinated people are free to travel to England following a negative PCR test when you arrive, so you may want to consider London as a 2022 destination. Pinterest is seeing London Town as one of the big travel trends of the new year, but specifically to enjoy the iconic city nights.

You can take a stroll along the River Thames with your partner or ride the London Eye to see the city all lit up. While in the UK, you can also check out some of the Ted Lasso filming locations, while drinking “hot, brown water” (tea) and enjoying your own biscuits. Or, if you’re a Potterhead, visit some local Harry Potter filming locations.


Since you haven’t traveled that much in a few years, you’ve likely been saving up. If that’s the case, Expedia is expecting to see a trend in splurge-cations in 2022. That means you’ll be opting for the bigger suite and finer dining choices to treat yourself. You may even want to upgrade yourself to first class to really start your vacay early.

Immersive Adventures

Expedia and are also seeing a trend of travelers wanting to get the full experience of wherever their passport is taking them. That means ditching the touristy spots for some more immersive experiences that might be off the beaten path. When you’re in Japan, you want to go to the local spots for the best ramen, or in Mexico, you have to try traditional and authentic guacamole.

Expedia has a helpful "interest" filter to narrow down your search, so if you are a foodie looking for the best meal, you can find local food tours. Another great way to have an immersive adventure you don’t even have to plan is by booking an Adventures By Disney trip, where they put together a full itinerary led by local guides. The Rhine River cruise is a great way to see multiple countries in one trip.

Spontaneous and Budget-Friendly

Of course, you may want to play it by ear in the new year, especially with changing health guidelines around the world. and Expedia are also seeing a trend of travelers looking for last-minute deals. You may be wanting to get away for a quick weekend trip and see that rooms at a resort you’ve been eyeing are super cheap. By being totally spontaneous, you can have some pretty epic and budget-friendly trips in 2022.

With how much you’ve dreamed of traveling, you’ll want to start saying “yes” to every trip you’re offered.

Mindful Moments
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After all the stress of everything, you may just be looking for a trip to unplug and relax. Mindful and unfiltered vacations are going to be big in 2022, according to Expedia, so plan to visit a spa retreat or a treehouse Airbnb with very little WiFi. Even is seeing travel as a form of self-care in the new year, so it’s a great idea to really plan for some relaxing vacations.

High Adrenaline Excursions

On the flip side, you may be looking for an adrenaline rush. You’ve had enough time to yourself at home and want to really get out of your comfort zone. To find the best adventure for you, use Expedia’s “Adventure & Outdoor” filter to find things like deep-sea diving or skydiving. You could even go zip-lining in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest during the summer or go parasailing in Miami.

Following Your Passion

You’ve likely spent the last few years really working on your hobbies and focusing on what makes you happy. That could be refining your skills in the kitchen or focusing on your love of fashion. Hilton is seeing a trend for travelersfollowing their new and nurtured passions in 2022.

For foodies, that might mean you’ll want to travel to places to try new cuisines, and for fashionistas, you’ll want to go places where you can shop for cute clothes like Seoul, Milan, or another fashion hot spot.

Traveling With Your Pet

If you’ve been home a lot lately, you’ve likely strengthened your relationships with your pets. You can’t imagine leaving them behind when you go on vacation, so Hilton is also seeing a trend in pet-friendly travel. Find a cute resort that allows you to bring along your fur friend. You could even go on a cute road trip together, and camp along the way with your dog.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.