I Went On A Disney River Cruise & Felt Like I Was In My Favorite Childhood Movies

If you're a Disney lover and want to head to Europe, stop everything you're doing right now, because I know the best way to combine both things. My family and I recently went on the Adventures by Disney Rhine River cruise with AmaWaterways, and it was the best way to see Europe and live out some of my favorite Disney fantasies.

If you're not familiar with Adventures by Disney, they create once-in-a-lifetime vacations all over the world. They have short adventures and long ones that last up to 10 days as you explore different destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and more.

Since my family loves cruises, the one that always stood out to us was the Rhine River cruise in Europe. The eight-day adventure starts in Switzerland, and takes you through France, Germany, and the Netherlands. I knew I was going to see amazing sights and eat delicious food, but I didn't know I was going to feel like a Disney princess exploring different places and tapping into my nostalgia.

I felt like Belle in this charming town in France.

Rachel Chapman

One of the first stops on the cruise was in the Alsace region of France. You had the choice of a few excursions that day to the Black Forest, but the one my family chose was to a quaint town called Riquewihr, which was the inspiration behind Belle's town in Beauty and the Beast, according to POPSUGAR. Believe me when I say I really felt as if I stepped into the movie. The two things that were must-dos included getting an Insta-worthy photo with a fountain like Belle, and buying all the macarons I could find.

Another Disney-esque sight was the castles along the Rhine. On day five of the trip, we stopped in Rüdesheim, Germany where we took a gondola to the top of a mountain, drank boozy coffee, and saw a magical music box museum. After exploring the beautiful town, we got back on the ship and sailed through the Rhine Gorge, which had what felt like a million castles on every side to see. I began to believe in "once upon a time" when I saw that many castles, and you better believe I fantasized what it would be like to live in one.

I took a horseback ride through the Alsace region.

Rachel Chapman

While in the Alsace region of France, my family went horseback riding through the woods. This was no Disneyland carousel where the horses are stationary, and you go around in a circle. Oh no — we rode our horses through the forest, up a mountain, and through fields of wildflowers. I've never felt more like a cool Disney princess on an adventure with just her horse to take her there.

The best part of any Adventures by Disney trip is how much you don't have stress over the planning process. All meals are planned out, the excursions are absolutely incredible, and we were escorted everywhere by an amazing group of "Adventure Guides" who were there to snap pictures and tell us stories about the area.

I was basically treated like a princess for a week, and that's the epitome of Disney. So, if you're looking for a carefree adventure that channels your fave animated movies, this is the trip for you. (Also, please invite me along. I can't wait to go again.)