A treehouse rental on Airbnb has fairy lights and sits in the middle of the woods in South Carolina....
7 Treehouse Airbnbs That Tarzan Would Totally Love To Swing By

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Aside from the lyrics to the iconic Phil Collins' songs that will forever be ingrained in your brain, there's one thing from Disney's Tarzan that has also stuck with you: your desire to sleep in a treehouse just like Tarzan. Tarzan's family had an awesome treehouse in the jungle that always had you wanting to visit. Luckily for you, that dream can come true — thanks to all the treehouse rentals on Airbnb.

On your next vacation, don't opt for a traditional rental. Instead, consider booking a cozy home that's amongst the treetops in the middle of a forrest. While you're lounging in the living room of your treehouse rental, you can gaze out the window and imagine what it would be like to see Tarzan swinging by. All you need to do to book your stay is browse Airbnb for any of these seven treehouse rentals that are calling your name.

Along with the guarantee of gorgeous views, you'll also be in the middle of nature and away from the "real world" for a bit. That means you have the freedom to totally blast that Tarzan soundtrack and dance around like no one's watching — because other than the birds flying by, no one will be.

This "Majestic" Treehouse In South Carolina

For a romantic getaway with the Tarzan to your Jane, you may want to book this treehouse in South Carolina. The vibe of this one-bedroom home is very "majestic," and the fairy lights really add to the ambience. Imagine getting comfy while relaxing on either of the outdoor decks. There's even a rope swing bed that's lit by a romantic chandelier.

This Treehouse With Quality #Views In Maine

Be one with nature by staying at this one-bedroom treehouse in Maine. If you love quality fall foliage, you should book this rental in the autumn when the trees start changing colors. Make yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy it on one of the deck chairs while taking in the view.

This Ocean View Treehouse In California

This beautiful three-bedroom treehouse in California is perfect for your entire squad to get away. Not only is the space big enough to fit up to six guests, but the design is mid-century chic and totally Instagram-worthy. There's even an outdoor balcony with a hammock for lounging.

This Treehouse Canopy Room In Miami

This treehouse canopy room in Miami is about as close to nature as you can get. There's a tree literally going right through the middle of the room. Plus, imagine how peaceful it will be falling asleep to the sounds of nature every single night. According to the listing, you'll also be 15 minutes away from South Beach, so you can enjoy the surf and the woods all in one vacation.

The Looking Glass Treehouse In Kentucky

This circular treehouse in Kentucky will give you and your friends 360 degree views of nature. It may be just one bedroom, but it comfortably sleeps up to five guests, so your whole crew can join in on the fun. The best part about this stay is the beautiful design on the exterior with mirrors that reflect the surrounding trees.

This Cool Treehouse In North Carolina

This large treehouse in North Carolina offers stunning views from above. It's a one-bedroom space and has enough room for up to four guests. Enjoy sitting on the rocking chairs outside while taking in the mountain and treetop views.

This Luxury Treehouse In Tennessee

You'll have so much fun staying at this luxurious treehouse in Tennessee. The hosts have really thought of everything, and provide guests with lots of cozy blankets, boardgames, a bed swing, a jukebox, and even a hot tub.

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