Books fill the bookshelves on the walls of this bright living room that's listed on Airbnb.
9 Airbnbs With Libraries That Belle & The Beast Would Totally Book

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Raise your hand if Belle from Beauty and the Beast is one of your favorite Disney princesses. Just like you, Belle loves to read — and you can channel your shared love for books by checking into one of these Airbnbs with libraries for your next getaway.

There are a lot of breathtaking scenes in Beauty and the Beast, but it was the very moment when the Beast gave Belle his entire library that made you swoon. A room with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves might be your happy place, and if you could, you would totally swing on ladders, just like Belle singing in the bookshop. So if you need a little break from your typical routine or simply want to catch up on some reading, you might want to book any of these nine Airbnb homes that have libraries. The pictures alone will make you want to book a storybook getaway as soon as possible.

With these cool accommodations, you can get cozy in an actual bookstore or pretend you're Belle in a castle in France. Wherever you go, don't forget to snap a shelfie — selfie with a bookshelf — to show you're living out your very own Belle-worthy story.

This Elegant Library In Istanbul

Grab your passport, because you'll need it to journey to this elegant apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. The living room has a whole collection of books for you to check out on the shelves, and you can read them under the dreamy chandelier light.

The Open Book Shop In The UK

Get lost in an actual bookstore by staying in The Open Book in the UK. There's an apartment over the bookstore where you can cozy up with a good read. Though, you'll probably want to spend most of your time checking out all the books on the shelves.

The Parks-Bowman Mansion In New Orleans

This gorgeous apartment in New Orleans has a stocked library that's worthy of a Belle-inspired getaway. Head to Café Du Monde and pick up an assortment of delicious beignets to enjoy while you catch up on your reading in this one-bedroom Airbnb.

This Library Flat In Poland

When you're really into a good book, you want to get as cozy as possible. Pick a couch with a ton of throw pillows or a swinging chair like this one in this cool flat in Poland. The living room has an entire wall filled with books for you to choose from before you get settled into your reading space.

This Charming Villa In Italy

Check off Italy from your bucket list by staying in this private room. The space features a beautiful shared area with a ton of books. You'll definitely want to cozy up on the couch with purple pillows after choosing a good read. There's even a ladder to check out the books on the top shelf and pose with for your Belle-like Instas.

This Castle In France

Beauty and the Beast takes place in France, so why not head there for the most Belle-like experience? You can actually stay in a French castle where every room will make you feel like royalty — most especially the blue library.

This Quaint Apartment In Romania

For a quaint stay overseas, this two-bedroom apartment in Romania might be the perfect place for you. The colorful living room has a ton of books to choose from, so you can sit by the fire and get lost in a story.

The Library Inch Island In Ireland

This one-bedroom suite in Ireland will really make you feel like you transported to the time of Beauty and the Beast. The home has bookshelves everywhere — even in the hallways. Find "a tale as old as time" to read while sitting near the stove fireplace.

This Loft In Brazil

If you're someone who likes to move around while you're reading, this cool loft in Brazil has a ton of reading nooks for you to choose from. There's a comfy couch, a high-up loft, and even a hammock on the balcony for you to switch to.

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