A tower listed on Airbnb overlooks the forest in Oregon during the sunset.
8 Towers You Can Rent On Airbnb Where The Views Are Tall, Y'all

The better the views, the higher you may need to climb — so it's time to start looking at towers to rent on Airbnb to guarantee yourself something extraordinary to see. Just imagine waking up early with a warm cup of coffee and looking out the window to see the treetops and mountains off in the distance. If that thought alone doesn't have you wanting to pack your bags, maybe these eight towers to rent on Airbnb will convince you.

Not only will these unique homes be sure to provide you with a cozy place to stay high amongst the treetops, but you will get incredible photos to Instagram throughout your stay. From cool towers in a tree-dense forest to lookouts in the snow, there's an amazing view for everyone's taste in nature. All you need to do is decide where in the world you'd like to travel and what you would like to see when you're — literally — daydreaming in the clouds, then pack your binoculars and hit the road. Just make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone, because you'll be surprised by how many snaps you'll want to take while admiring the gorgeous view.

This Three-Story Lookout Tower In Oregon

This unique three-story tower in Oregon has miles upon miles of views. According to the listing, the lookout was designed after a Forest Service fire tower, and gives guests 360 degrees of unparalleled views. The tower sits on five acres of land, so at night, you'll get an amazing view of the stars without much light pollution.

This Apartment In A Tower In Iceland

For something a little cooler — so to speak — you might want to book this apartment in a tower in Iceland. If your dream has always been to see the Northern Lights, what better view than up high in a tower? This one-bedroom apartment is also a cozy stay for a romantic getaway with bae.

This Lookout Tower And Cabin In Joshua Tree

For ultimate dessert views, you might want to book this lookout tower and cabin in Joshua Tree. The cabin is only one story, but the tower will provide some great views of the surrounding desert. There's even a green camper parked out front, which is an amazing photo op for Instagram.

This Cozy Tower That's Off The Grid In Oregon

To really soak up some great views, you'll want to stay in this tower that's "off the grid" in Oregon. It's about 40 feet tall, so you'll be closer to the clouds. The views from the top include the Umpqua National Forest, which is great for hiking during the day.

This Crystal Peak Lookout In Idaho

For an especially unique and cozy getaway, you might want to book this Crystal Peak Lookout in Idaho. The colorful lookout stands out amongst the surrounding greenery. There's even a wood fired stove inside to keep you warm at night, and sit by in the morning while you enjoy your coffee.

This Modern Fire Tower In Pennsylvania

Round up your squad squad for a retreat in this modern fire tower chalet in Pennsylvania. The best part about this place is the wrap-around balcony on the second floor that will give you 360-degree views. There's even a fire pit that can be used to make s'mores when you're not just lovingly looking at nature.

The Lost Coast Tower In California

Hiking is necessary to reach this hilltop tower in California, but the views will be well-worth it. This is the perfect place for a writers' retreat or a weekend when you totally unplug. Just be sure to read the details in the listing about how to get there and how to pack before booking. Get off the grid and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature constantly flexing.

The Drummond Castle Tower In Ireland

Spend a fairy tale-esque weekend in this castle tower in Ireland. You'll seriously feel like Rapunzel when you look out from the top, and overlook the surrounding countryside.