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These Cozy Airbnbs Will Transport You To The Shire From 'The Hobbit'

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Is there anything better than when your favorite franchises come to life? That's the beauty of places like Universal Studios, where you can wander through Hogwarts like Harry Potter, and Disney World, where every fan of Star Wars can fly the Millennium Falcon. For those who are obsessed with all things related to J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic novels, there are these Hobbit-style Airbnbs that'll totally transport you to The Shire.

They'll let you pretend you're an elf or a wizard like Gandalf. Of course, if you'd rather stand in front of the round entryways surrounded by twinkly lights and imagine you're Bilbo Baggins, that's totally fine, too. These cozy homes are a place for you to let your imagination run free, and design your own version of the fantasy-filled plot.

For true fans of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, these cozy, quaint, and cute (Yes, cute.) Airbnbs are lovely spots to cuddle up with their go-to books and look for hidden details that might reveal something about the prequels or sequels to come. Without further ado, here are the six Hobbit-inspired Airbnbs that should be on your radar. Before you know it, you'll be transported straight to The Shire.

This Earth House Is Nestled Into The Side Of A Grassy Hill

The first of these Airbnbs is nestled into the side of a grassy hill that makes it feel very authentic and Hobbit-esque. Located in Orondo, Washington, this earth house is decorated with all sorts of forest-like details, such as: a stick fence, green door, woodworking bench, and driftwood sink. It's the perfect escape for those who are based in the Pacific Northwest, or anyone who's looking to get away.

If you stay here, you'll be treated to cozy nights in bed with the fireplace running and picturesque sunsets. You may even spot some wildflowers in the nearby land.

This Inspired Nook Has Lots Of Props For The True Fans

True fans of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit likely have props from the films in their own apartments. But nothing will quite beat this cozy and inspired nook in Fairfield, Virginia that's loaded with spots to take pictures and recreate your favorite scenes. Known as "Hobbit's Dream" on Airbnb, this home could have come straight out of the books and will seriously turn your daydreams into real life.

Book it now to see the front door perfectly illuminate with twinkly lights at night, and to participate in a wood carving workshop.

This Enchanted Home Is Made For Hobbits And Couples

If you and your partner are both diehard fans of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, then you should check into this enchanted house in Middletown Springs, Vermont. It's picture-perfect, and the best spot to go over your theories and favorite scenes for the millionth time. With a charming front door and outdoor space, it's also incredibly romantic.

Just be sure to leave yourself some time during your stay to do some stargazing or chill near the fire pit. Those lit experiences will really take your stay to the next level.

This Outdoorsy Abode Is Quiet And Close To A Major City

Nothing will help you ditch the crowded streets of the city and embrace some peace and quiet like staying in this outdoorsy abode that draws inspiration from The Hobbit. It'll make you forget about work and the stresses of the "real world" by letting you dive deeper into the world of your favorite fantasy series.

The best part? It's still located fairly close to San Diego, in case you want to do some sight-seeing after you relax and chill.

This Glamping Spot Has A Hot Tub And Fantasy-Filled Vibes

Glamping reaches a whole new level when you bring The Hobbit into it. Suddenly, it's not your average trip to make s'mores and snuggle up in the outdoors. It's absolutely unique from the moment you walk through the front door at the "Hobbit Hut" and kick off your shoes.

This glamping spot is located in Castlebar, Ireland, which is a pretty lengthy trek away. But it'll be worth it for its cozy vibes and otherworldly atmosphere. Not to mention, it has a hot tub you can use upon request.

This Hobbit Hole Is So Comfortable And Insta-Worthy

Last but not least, a very aesthetically-pleasing Airbnb you can stay at is this "Hobbit Hole" in McEwen, Tennessee. With its minimalistic decor and earthy feel, this home is an oasis for Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins lovers, and an Instagram-worthy getaway.

Be aware: It has no Internet or television, so it's pretty off-the-grid. But that might let you get more in touch with your Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit obsession, right?

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