A spaceship bed sits in the center of a 'Star Wars'-themed Airbnb bedroom with galaxy painted walls....

This 'Star Wars'-Themed Airbnb Will Transport You To Another Galaxy

There are regular trips, and there are getaways that take you to "a galaxy far, far away." You can expect the latter if you book this Star Wars-themed Airbnb in Davenport, FL. When you're looking for a place to stay on Airbnb, you're probably not only searching for a home that's in a central location and can comfortably sleep your travel buddies. You want something that'll truly rock your world. Since Airbnb has a variety of unique rentals, if given the choice, you're opting for the home that has every room themed around a different planet from the Star Wars universe.

That's exactly what you'll get with the Twelve Parsecs by Loma Homes nine-bedroom rental on Airbnb. Not only does it have a Star Wars theme throughout, but it has immersive fun as well, so you'll truly feel like you're in another galaxy. This is the perfect vacation rental if you and your best friends decide to head to Florida for a weekend getaway, or you're looking for something exciting to do on spring break.

The rental has nine bedrooms to choose from, so it can easily sleep 16 or more people, which is more than enough room for your entire squad. Not only will all your friends be cozy, but each room is differently decorated as well.


The master bedroom features a cool queen-size spaceship bed with a light-up console that'll illuminate the room at night. The bed truly stands out, but the walls will catch your eye, too. Each one is decorated to look like outer space. Even the ceiling is painted, so you'll definitely take advantage of the murals as a backdrop for some stellar pics.

Another one of the bedrooms is themed around Cloud City. That means everything in this room — including the bed — looks like it's floating on a cloud. Not only is it super Insta-worthy, but there's a fog machine to complete the aesthetic.

Other themed rooms look like they drew inspiration from planets like Dagobah where Yoda trained Luke, Naboo where Queen Amidala reigned, and Endor where the Ewoks live. In some of the rooms, the beds themselves are super fun. For instance, in the Tatooine room, each one of the beds looks like it's part of a podracer, and one room has light-up bunk beds for a very futuristic look.

Essentially, you can recreate some of your favorite scenes from all the movies in each one of the rooms. Though, the bedrooms aren't the only rooms that are themed. The hallways also look like you're walking down the Millennium Falcon.


You can a great time simply chilling in your Star Wars home with your friends while watching the movies, making waffles in a Millennium Falcon-shaped waffle maker, and swimming in the private pool. But since you'll be near Orlando, you might as well journey over to Disney World to check out Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. According to the Airbnb listing, it's only 15 minutes away.

At Galaxy's Edge, you and your friends can take a group pic in front of the Millennium Falcon, pilot Han's infamous spaceship, and ride the Rise of the Resistance. The fun awaits — all you have to do is use the force to book your stay right now.