TikTok's Viral Pesto Eggs Recipe
TikTok's Viral Pesto Eggs Recipe Makes An Eggcellent Avocado Toast Upgrade

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The next time someone asks you how you would like your eggs cooked, you might want to say, "Pestoed!" The latest viral food trend to take over TikTok is comprised of eggs cooked in pesto sauce, and it looks eggs-tra delicious. If you haven't seen this tasty dish pop up on your "For You" page, you might be wondering how to make TikTok's pesto eggs — and the answer is really quite simple.

The recipe only requires two main ingredients that you could probably guess for yourself: pesto and eggs. By frying up your eggs in pesto sauce rather than your typical cooking oil, you get this flavorful way of eating eggs that TikTokers are putting on things like avocado toast and burgers. Some users are even getting creative with this pesto egg hack by making stuffed pesto egg peppers and pesto eggs on waffles. The flavor combo is so great that you'll be wanting to put pesto eggs on everything yourself.

If you're a big fan of pesto, try out this pesto egg hack from TikTok. You just need to decide on which dish to try first. Any of these nine pesto egg dishes on TikTok are great place to start. Just don't forget to snap a good foodie pic or TikTok video of your dish, so you can im-pesto all of your friends.

Pesto Egg Avocado Toast

This pesto avocado toast recipe from TikToker @amywilichowski is the perfect place to start on your pesto egg journey. By adding a pesto egg on top, it elevates your typical avocado toast to a fancy restaurant level. Of course, you could just add the pesto egg and it would be delicious, but Amy also adds ricotta, honey, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for extra flavor.

Pesto Eggs On Roti

Switch it up, and put your pesto on eggs on some roti (aka Indian flatbread). This genius idea comes from TikToker @darnitdamon, who also sprinkles on some cheese. This is a great idea for a midday snack to get you over that afternoon slump.

Pesto Eggs On Toast

Another simple way to enjoy your pesto egg is on some toast. This is perfect if you really just want to savor the pesto eggs by themselves. TikToker @cookingwithayeh does add some salt and pepper for seasoning, but you can cook however you like your eggs.

Cheesy Pesto Eggs

There's nothing cheesy about your love of pesto eggs — unless you're thinking about making some cheesy pesto eggs. This recipe from TikToker @simplelifepleasures involves heating up some bread with mozzarella on top in the oven before you start to making your pesto eggs. When your eggs are ready, add them on top of your bread for a delicious and cheesy snack.

Rolled Up Pesto Egg Sandwich

Most TikTokers have been making their pesto eggs sunny side up, but you can enjoy your eggs however you like. Scramble them, fry them over easy, or roll them up with cheese like TikToker @thekoreanvegan. In a pan, @thekoreanvegan fries up some eggs with cheese in pesto sauce and slowly rolls them up like a burrito as they cook. With a rolled up cheesy pesto egg ready to go, add to some bread with tomatoes and arugula for the most beautiful sandwich you've ever seen.

Vegan Pesto Eggs

If you're vegan, you can still enjoy some pesto eggs with this recipe from TikToker @healthygirlkitchen. Just fry up some tofu, which will act as your eggs. Sprinkle on some turmeric at the center if you want that sunny side up look. Voila, you have some vegan pesto eggs that look just like the OG.

Pesto Eggs On A Waffle

You'll love this flavor combo a waffle lot. Instead of some toast, TikToker @courto3 uses a waffle, because "waffle's gonna change the game." With your pesto egg on a waffle, it gives you that perfect sweet and savory combo — the best of both worlds. Serve this up at your next roomie brunch with some mimosas and fresh fruit.

Pesto Egg Burger

Adding a fried egg to a burger is always a great choice, but a pesto egg is even better. This tutorial from TikToker @thisisplanetfood shows you just how to assemble a pesto egg burger with red pesto, bacon, and halloumi cheese. If you're wanting to make your backyard BBQ this summer a standout, you might want to add this burger to the menu.

Air Fried Pesto Egg Bell Peppers

You've had stuffed bell peppers before, but have you ever had air-fried pesto egg bell peppers? This idea from TikToker @eatpayylove is genius. It not takes the pesto egg to a whole new level, but gives you an excuse to use the air fryer that TikTok made you buy.