Blue cloud cake sits on a blue plate on the table.
TikTokers Are Giving Cloud Bread A Sweet Upgrade With These Cloud Cake Recipes


If you've been on TikTok since the beginning of the pandemic, you may remember when cloud bread was all over your "For You" page. It was at a time when everyone was making all kinds of bread, like banana and sourdough. However, cloud bread was different, because it was — as the name suggests — as fluffy as a cloud. However, some TikTokers complained that it wasn't as sweet as they would have liked. Enter, cloud cake. Now, people are sharing their cloud cake recipes on TikTok that take the OG cloud bread to a sweet new level.

At its core, cloud cake — or "clouds cake," depending on who you ask — is very similar to cloud bread. It's made the same way by whipping up some egg whites until they're as fluffy as can be, but what makes cloud cake so different is that it's meant to be sweeter. A lot of TikTokers are experimenting with the recipe to make chocolate, Oreo, and Funfetti versions of cloud cake that can be served at your next get-together or party.

The sweet and light treat that's currently trending has been compared to meringue and angel food cake, but it's actually more like the perfect combination of the two. It's not as dense as angel food cake, but it's more cake-like than meringue. You've just got to try it out for yourself, and these eight flavored cloud cake recipes on TikTok are a great place to start.

Oreo Cloud Cake

Oreos are not just milk's favorite cookie, but one of yours as well. Make yourself some Oreo cloud cake by sprinkling crushed-up Oreos cookies into your batter before baking. TikToker @karmiccreations makes sure to note that you should be adding just the cookie part of the Oreo and not the filling, because your cloud cake dough (not to be confused with cloud dough) is already creamy enough.

Funfetti Oreo Cloud Cake

While you can enjoy just Oreo cloud cake, TikToker @karmiccreations also shows you how to make a Funfetti Oreo cloud cake. Instead of mixing the Oreos into your batter before baking, add them on top along with icing and colorful sprinkles. You could even add some red food coloring to your batter to make it a pink cake when you cut into it or rip it apart.

Chocolate Cloud Cake

If you're a chocolate lover, you'll want to make this chocolate cloud cake from TikToker @arleeis. Just add some cocoa powder and chocolate chips to your batter before baking. You could even put it into individual cupcake tins like TikToker @sweethoney__bee for cloud cupcakes if you're planning a party this summer with your besties. Drizzle on some chocolate icing or chocolate sprinkles to give it that extra bit of deliciousness.

Hello Kitty-Inspired Cloud Cake

TikToker @euphoricluvv was inspired by Hello Kitty making cloud bread, and decided to make this pink cloud cake. Just a few drops of red food coloring will give your cake a pale pink color, but add more for something brighter. Sprinkle on some rainbow sugar sprinkles ($5, Amazon) to give it more pizazz and sweetness before baking in the oven.

Almond Cloud Cake

If you're looking for a good recipe to start with, TikToker @beautyhomeflour's recipe is just that. All you need for a plain cloud cake are:

  • Egg whites
  • White vinegar
  • Sugar

No corn starch needed, and in 20 minutes, you'll have a basic cloud cake to decorate. Try adding some almonds and powdered sugar like @beautyhomeflour for a sweet almond cloud cake.

Cotton Candy Cloud Cake

TikToker @nutritionbabe made an extra sweet version with vanilla and cake batter extract, and called it cotton candy cloud cake. You may also want to use some monk fruit sweetener to "keep the sugar in check." The sprinkles and food coloring make it look more like cotton candy, but aren't as necessary to the flavor.

Cinnamon Vanilla Cloud Cake

Experiment with your fave flavors to get the cloud cake of your dreams like TikToker @_rayna_grace_. By adding in some cinnamon and pure vanilla, you'll get this cinnamon vanilla cloud cake that you can top with some extra cinnamon sugar or icing to make it like a cinnamon bun. This video also shows you that you can use your blender to mix everything up instead of whisking by hand.

Raisin Cloud Cake

Raisin your hand if you love raisins. If you've got your arm up, you need to try making this raisin-topped cloud cake from TikToker @jenpaicook. Not only are there raisins baked on top, but vanilla extract is added to the batter to make it even more sweet on the inside.