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Your Thanksgiving Horoscope Has “Expect The Unexpected” Written All Over It

It won’t necessarily be all gravy on Nov. 25.

by Valerie Mesa
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Despite the celebratory energy that comes with every holiday season, you never really know what the festivities have in store. That is, until you check the astro-weather, of course. It’s no secret that the cosmos works in mysterious ways, but your Thanksgiving 2021 horoscope has “expect the unexpected” written all over it.

On Nov. 25, the moon will not only transit through the cinematic sign of Leo, which just so happens to be a fixed fire sign, it will simultaneously clash with erratic Uranus and audacious Mars, making one volatile cocktail. In addition to the passionate emotionality stemming from a pride-filled Leo moon, its tricky square to Mars in Scorpio can feel equally as overwhelming as it is passive-aggressive. This tension, however, is nothing short of unpredictable, thanks to freedom-loving Uranus. The focal point of this T-Square is the Leo moon, and the moon is a symbol of home, family, nurturing, and intuition. So, while treading lightly around your close friends and relatives, try to not over-indulge and/or dramatize situations, as they are more prone to escalate quicker than usual.

Wondering what this holiday has in store for your zodiac sign? Read the Thanksgiving horoscope for your zodiac sign below:


Aries: Something’s Triggering Your Ego

Aries, would you like some cheese with that wine? Sounds cheesy (literally), but there’s no denying the dramatic effects of today’s Leo moon, let alone when at odds with your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars. Temper tantrums are likely, so pass the peas and make the best of it. Fortunately, with Venus in Capricorn, there’s harmony when it comes to the relationship you have with your authority figures. Your family has your back.

Taurus: You’re Exploring Other Horizons

Traveling for the holidays, Taurus? With Venus transiting through your expansive ninth house of adventure, you’re seeing the value in venturing into the unknown. As for the Thanksgiving festivities, you can easily cut the tension with a knife, especially when considering today’s T-Square between the moon in your fourth house of home, Mars in your relationship sector, and Uranus in your sign. One thing’s for sure: You’re catching some people off guard.

Gemini: You’re Overthinking The Logistics

Gemini, reflect on the situation at hand. It’s easy to complicate things when considering today’s T-Square between the moon in your third house of communication, Mars via your responsible sixth house of due diligence, and Uranus via your 12th house of unconscious patterns, but you could simultaneously have an epiphany in the process. So if you find yourself overthinking and/or feeling triggered, take a second to reflect on where it’s stemming from.

Cancer: You’re Mingling With Different People

New vibe, Cancer? Whether it be a new lover’s friends and family, or the last-minute decision to bring someone along to Thanksgiving dinner, chances are you’re second-guessing yourself. This is all thanks to a T-Square between the moon via your second house of stability, Mars via your fifth house of passion, and rebellious Uranus via your 11th house of social networks. Stay in your lane. No one can take what has always been destined for you.

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Leo: Tensions Are Rising And You Can Feel It

Think before you say something you may end up regretting later on, Leo. Despite whether you’re single, committed, or mingling with friends and family, today’s T-Square between the moon in your sign, Mars in your fourth house of family, and Uranus via your 10th house of notoriety is encouraging you to keep your balance and be more mindful with your approach to others.

Virgo: You’re Opinionated But Introspective

A lot has changed for you this past year, Virgo. Though the majority of us prefer to sweep harsh realities under the rug, there’s no denying the repressed emotions that are in the process of resurfacing. This is especially true when considering today’s T-Square between the moon in your 12th house of unconscious patterns, Mars via your third house of communication, and Uranus in your ninth house of belief systems. Speak your truth, but there’s no need to lash out.

Libra: You’re Taking Your Power Back

Make your grand entrance, Libra. Days go by and seasons change, but your charming aesthetic and socialite energy is forever. You decorate the room by simply being your authentic self, and your family and friends wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs, but today’s T-Square between the moon in your 11th house of community affairs, Mars via your stability-seeking second house of value systems, and Uranus in your intimate eighth house of soul bonds shows that you’re breaking free.

Scorpio: You’re Being More Conscious

You’re seeing people, places, and situations for exactly as they are, Scorpio. Fortunately with Venus sweetening things up via your third house of communication, you have no problem coming correct and expressing your two cents. Although, when considering today’s T-Square between la luna in your 10th house of authority, Uranus via your seventh house of relationships, and Mars in your sign, you could run into an unexpected debate at dinner. Choose wisely.

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Sagittarius: Things Aren’t Going As Planned

Don’t stress the logistics, and go with the flow, Sagittarius. This, of course, is easier said than done as a challenging T-Square between the moon in your expansive ninth house of belief systems, Mars via your 12th house of secrets, and Uranus in your dutiful sixth house of due diligence is bound to create some friction when it comes down to your Thanksgiving plans. It can’t always be ‘your way or the highway,’ so find an outlet for those pent-up feelings.

Capricorn: You’re Surrendering All Control

With luscious Venus transiting through your sign, you’re seemingly ready for love. The challenge, however, could stem from today’s T-Square between the moon in your eighth house of intimacy, Mars via your 11th house of community, and freedom-loving Uranus via your fifth house of passion. Whether it be your desire for emotional closeness or a secret lover you can’t stop thinking about, you’re likely trying hard to detach... for the time being.

Aquarius: You’re Bringing Your Plus One

If they date you, they date the whole family, Aquarius. Although, despite whether you’re single, crushing, or already in a romantic commitment, today’s T-square between the moon via your relationship sector, Mars in your 10th house of authority, and Uranus via your domestic fourth house of home, could create a tug-of-war between your significant other’s needs versus family matters. The key is to stay balanced.

Pisces: You’re Trying To Please Everyone

Don’t break yourself apart in order to please everyone, Pisces. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. Granted, the Leo moon via your sixth house of due diligence will likely inspire the need to attend every soirée, but its square to la luna and erratic Uranus could trigger some unwanted tension when it comes to your sense of direction and/or means of transportation. Fortunately, Venus’ transit through your 11th house of community is quite promising.