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SZA lyrics from "SOS" and "CTRL" For Instagram Captions.

101 SZA Song Lyrics For Captions When You’re In Your Feelings

Because SOS is full of memorable quotes.

by Tessa Harvey, Claire Fox and Olivia Cigliano
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SZA is finally back with her new ablum SOS, five long years since dropping her first, now classic, album CTRL. While her fans have been passing the time with strong singles, memorable song features, and unreleased tracks from last June’s CTRL (Deluxe), SZA’s sophomore album just broke Spotify’s R&B single-day stream record and received rave reviews from Pitchfork and Metacritic. SZA came in hot, dabbling with different genres like rap and pop punk, which also allowed her to get creative lyrically. Meanwhile, in songs like “F2F” and “Forgiveless” she delivered those vulnerable SZA lines that “Hit Different” – right in your feels. Here are 101 of the best SZA lyrics for captions that’ll express whatever’s on your mind.

You’ve no doubt heard SZA’s emotive, poetic lyrics featured on the radio, in films, and all over TikTok on hits including “Good Days,” “I Hate U,” “The Weekend (Funk Remix),” “All The Stars” from Black Panther: The Album, and Doja Cat’s megahit “Kiss Me More.” Given her success and songwriting prowess, it's time to start saving a list of the best SZA song lyrics for captions, because you’ll probably find some lines that describe your vibe ATM.

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SZA came out with her debut EP See.SZA.Run back in October 2012, and has turned from star to supernova ever since. In fact, some of the best SZA lyrics come from her first EP, Z, which was released back in 2014 — looking at you, “Childs Play.” It was her 2017 album, CTRL, that blew up and gained immense critical acclaim, earning her five Grammy nominations that year. The rest is history.

Sometimes it takes something special to give your Instagram or TikTok post that additional flair that will set it apart from the rest, and you can't go wrong with moody SZA song quotes. Having a night out with the girls? Feeling your ‘fit? In your deepest feels at night and want everyone to know it? There’s nothing like a SZA lyric to grant you a little validation when you’re feeling rock-bottom. Just remember that it’s okay to feel lost and like it and keep those “Good Days” on your mind. Here are 101 of SZA’s best lyrics to use for “sad-girl” Instagram captions.

From “Good Days”

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1. “Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out, get some air now, let your edge out.

2. “All the while, I'll await my armored fate with a smile.

3. “Gotta get right, tryna free my mind before the end of the world.

From “Hit Different”

4. “You a wild one, and I'm wadin' in you like it's cool water.

From “Drew Barrymore”

5. "Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?"

6. “Bring the gin, got the juice, bring the sin, got that too.

7. “Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark a blunt, let's start the Narcos off at episode one.

From “The Weekend”

8. “You like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend.

9. “Gettin' all in your love, fallin' all over love.

10. “I gotta say I'm in the mood for a little bit more of that.

From “20 Something”

11. "How you ain't say you was movin' forward? Honesty hurts when you're gettin' older."

12. "20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name."

13. "Stuck in them 20 somethings, stuck in them 20 somethings."

14. "And if it's an illusion, I don't wanna wake up. I'm gonna hang on to it."

From “Love Galore”

15. "Promise I won't cry over spilled milk."

16. "Acting like we wasn't more than a summer fling, I said farewell, you took it well."

17. "Why you bother me when you know you don't want me?"

From “Broken Clocks”

18. "I'm never going back, never going back, you can't make me."

19. "I've paid enough of petty dues, I've heard enough of sh*tty news."

20. "Can't beat ‘em, just join the party."

21. "All that I've got, pieces and pages."

21. "Got a shift ay 10 a.m., got a dip at 10 p.m., gotta get that cash."

From “Supermodel”

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23. "It made me feel good for temporary love, you was a temporary lover."

24. "I could be your supermodel if you believe, if you see it in me."

25. "But I need you, I need you, I need you."

26. "Why I can't stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself."

From “Anything”

27. "Maybe I should kill my inhibition, maybe I'll perfect in a new dimension.”

28. "Down for the ride, down for the ride, you could take me anywhere."

From “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

29. "Need you for the old me, need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from."

30. "Love me even if it rain, love me even if it pain you."

From “Childs Play”

31. "But memories keep coming back, all the nights that we used to laugh."

32. "Only write rhythm to the tardiest of tempos, only ride shotgun when the car is a limo."

From “Normal Girl”

33. “This time next year, I'll be living so good, won't remember your name, I swear.

34. “Wish I was the type of girl you take over to mama.”

From “I Hate U”

35. “And if you wondered if I hate you, I do.”

From “Prom”

36. “Winter, I can't stand this, snow is falling all on me.

37. “Hopping through poppy fields, dodging evil witches.

From “Go Gina”

38. “I've been on the low key grinding, learning on the low key, shining.

From “Sweet November”

39. “Flying high and fearless baby, I've kissed death a thousand times before.

From “No Love”

40. “If it did it all again, I would give like ten percent. You deserve like half of that, I'ma need my money back.

From “SOS”

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41. “Ain't no spiteful, I'm just tea, Can't hate a b*tch for free.”

42. “All the funny sh*t aside, I just want what's mine.”

From “Kill Bill”

43. “I'm so mature, I got me a therapist to tell me there's other men, I don't want none, I just want you.”

44. “I might kill my ex, not the best idea, his new girlfriend's next, how'd I get here?”

From “Seek & Destroy”

45. “Now that I've ruined everything, I'm so f*ckin' free.”

46. “Chances are I've got no directions, beggin' my angels for protection.”

From “Low”

47. “If you see me out in public, you don't know me, keep it silent.”

48. “Don't need no trick, old dogs don't change.”

From “Love Language”

49. “Talk to me in your love language.”

50. “Call me like you can't suppress memories of me, call me like you got confessions queued up.”

51. “All that I know is mirrors inside me, they recognize you, please don't deny me.”

From “Blind”

52. “I don't care how much you knew me in the past tense.”

53. “All of the love I seek living inside of me, I can't see, I'm blind.”

54. “I don't wanna pipe down, rather get payback.”

55. “I hurt too much, I lost too much, I lust too much, I hit my clutch and vroom.”

From “Used (feat. Don Toliver)”

56. “I'm immortalized in my thoughts.”

57. “Might get shi*t sharin' my vision, might as well.”

58. “All that's for real is forever, moments stolen taste bеtter.”

From “Snooze”

59. “How can I snooze and miss the moment? You just too important.”

From “Notice Me”

60. “You stay on my mind, I can't regret no time spent with you, and I still wonder if you notice me.”

61. “I'm just tryna be your person.”

62. “If I had a dime or two for the cheap sh*t you be spittin', I'd provide the mood.”

From “Gone Girl”

63. “Need less voices, just you and me, I need your touch, not your scrutiny.”

64. “Squeezin' too tight, boy, you're losin' me.”

65. “You better lеarn how to face it, she's gone, gone, girl. So gone, girl, never replace her.”

64. “I decide what demons I digest.”

65. “Tryna find deeper meanin' in nonsense, tryna grow without hatin' the process.”

From “Smoking On My Ex Pack”

66. “I'm really not friendly.”

67. “You test it, I might go, you push it, I might pop.”

68. “Booty softer than leather.”

From “Ghost In The Machine (feat. Pheobe Bridgers)

69. “I just wanna f*ck, eat, sleep, love happy.”

70. “You're like humanity, drowning in vanity, craving humanity.”

71. “Everybody wanna be beautiful, scared of the unusual.”

72. “Let's talk about A.I., robot got more heart than I.”

73. “Can you distract me from all the disaster?”

74. “Waiting to feel clean, that's so f*cking boring.”

From “F2F”

75. “I been thinkin' 'bout you, haven't got much sleep, worried that you already done replaced me.”

76. “Knowin' you gon' block me tomorrow, can you still come and get me?”

77. “I hate me enough for the two of us.”

From “Nobody Gets Me”

78. “You were balls-deep, now we beefin'.”

77. “Nobody gets me, you do.”

78. “I know that it's too late, I don't wanna lose what's left of you.”

From “Conceited”

79. “I just heard your opinion, I could've did without it.”

80. “All these b*tches is minions, despicable like, oh.”

81. “I got everything that I need and I want more, I can't take my foot off they neck, it's an encore.”

82. “I got everything and I'm livin' all for rеvenge, I been burnin' bridges, I'd do it ovеr again.”

83. “'Cause I'm bettin' on me, me, me.”

84. “Pressure makes diamonds, can't fold, oh.”

From “Special”

85. “Heard Pilates is in, bust your windows out.”

86. “You say I'm too wild, you gon' hate me now.”

87. “Why'd you have to treat me like I was an ordinary girl?”

88. “I gave all my special away to a loser.”

From “Too Late”

89. “I done go alone and get it how I want it.”

90. “Is it bad that I want more?”

From “Far”

91. “Need a few brews, need a palm tree.”

92. “Done faking cool.”

93. “Draggin' me far, far like I don't recognize me.”

From “Shirt”

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94. “Feelin' lost, but I like it.”

95. “Still stressin' perfection.”

96. “Comfort in my sins and all about me.”

From “Open Arms (feat. Travis Scott)”

97. “You lost and found me.”

From “Forgiveless (feat. Dirty Ol’ Bastard)”

98. “Give a f*ck what you prefer, I’m too profound to go back and forth with no average dork.”

99. “It goes spells and sorcery, hug your rosaries.”

100. “You take it I dish it, I'm genie, three wishes.”

101. “Not in the dark anymore, I might forgive it, I won't forget it.”

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