Doja Cat's lyrics about love and sex are hot.

These 20 Doja Cat Lyrics About Love And Sex Speak To Your Inner Freak

Time to get into it.

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She keeps it juicy! Doja Cat’s lyrics about love and sex are so raw and real that they’ll turn you into a freak overnight. Forget about acting prim and proper during intercourse — once you hear her music, you’ll understand why Doja likes to let it all hang loose in the bedroom. Her music tells fans they should ask for what they want from their partner, and if they’re not ready to put it down how you want, then it might be time to move on.

The “Go to Town” rapper is all about female empowerment, and her third studio album, Planet Her, makes that clear. The masterpiece celebrates Doja’s feminity, her sexuality, and her place in this world as a “Woman.” During a January 2020 interview with XXL magazine, Doja revealed why she raps about lovemaking in most of her songs. “I view sex as an art,” she said. “Being a Libra, I’m romantic, and I’m heart eyes all the time.”

Doja’s Libra personality definitely comes through in her lyrics, and that’s why her fans love her so much. It would be hard to talk about female rap without mentioning Doja’s name, so if you want to see her sexiest song lyrics of all time, then make sure to scroll below!

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  • “He beg for that, I bend and snap / She keep it juicy just for papi / Call me Buffy with the body.” — “Juicy”
  • “I try to hide it in my face / And it don't work, you see through / That I just wanna get with you.” — “You Right”
  • “How much do you want it? Twice a day / Four times on the holidays.” — “Love to Dream”
  • “Take it, own it, steal it, fast / Boy, stop playing, grab my a** / Why you actin' like you shy?” — “Say So”
  • “I touch your soul when you hear me say / ‘Boy, let me be your woman,’” — “Woman”
  • “If you're down, boy, really down / Baby, let me watch you go to town / It's your one chance, baby, never or now.” — “Go to Town”
  • “I can't sleep no more / In my head, we belong / And I can't be without you” — “Streets”
  • “N*ggas wishin' that the p*ssy was a kissin' booth / Taste breakfast, lunch, and gin and juice.” — “Kiss Me More”
  • “I wanna get freaky on camera / I love when we get freaky on camera / Is you into that? / Let's break the internet.” — “Cyber Sex”
  • “'Cause I know what you want, don't lie / You want something for one night.” — “Bottom B*tch”
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  • “I said, do that, do that, baby, all night long / And I'ma turn off all my phones / You know I hate it when I'm left on read / But he make it all up in the bed.” — “Like That”
  • “Hard for me to let you go / My body wouldn't let me hide it / No matter what, I wouldn't fold.” — “I Don’t Do Drugs”
  • “I could be yours tonight / We'll be up 'til the morning.” — “Morning Light”
  • You don't need a pole to see me strip / Only thing I want is to taste your lips / Take it to the top, boy, skinny dip.” — “Naked”
  • “Boy I know that you need that choco-chip / I got extra taco but you better bring that macho grip.” — “Cookie Jar”
  • “I can make him screw, and / Trust me, he wake up right in the mornin', or like two, and / Just to get a smooch, and / Touch on that caboose.” — “Better Than Me”
  • “I just been fantasizin' / And we got a lotta time / Baby, come throw the pipe / Gotta know what it's like.” — “Need to Know”
  • “Call him Ed Sheeran, he in love with my body.” — “Get Into It (Yuh)”
  • “Tell me how much you just want my body on you, babe / Like the way you say it's yummy when I’m grindin’ on your face.” — “Talk Dirty”
  • “Said play with my p*ssy, but don't play with my emotions / If you spend some money, then maybe I just might f*ck ya.” — “Rules”

All hail Doja, the sex-positive queen!