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These SZA Insta Captions Are Perf For Your Next Pic With Your Partner

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If you haven't been listening to SZA, you're late to the game. This neo-R&B queen gets fans going with the way she makes the mundane feel like a fantasy. No one romanticizes the relatable like SZA. If you've had "Good Days" on repeat and feel like your partner is crucial to your own good days, break out these SZA Instagram captions to let your followers know how you much you appreciate your lover.

You don't need a special occasion to post a cute couple pic, but you already knew that. SZA's song lyrics make the perfect captions because they're vulnerable, honest, and deep, but still joyful and relevant. Here are 26 lyrics that work for your next pic with your person.

"Hit Different" ft. Ty Dolla $ign

1. "I was into you from the beginning, even if you wasn't mine."

2. "I can't blame myself, keep on lovin' you, you do it different."

3. "All that I know is, mirrors inside me, they recognize you."

"Good Days"

4. "I still wanna try, still believe in good days, good days, always."

5. "Tell me I'm not my fears, my limitations."

6. "Always in my mind, always in my mind, mind."


7. "Keep your intentions pure, don’t be scared, don’t mince words."

8. "I am him and he is me, kismet… serendipity."

"Love Galore" ft. Travis Scott

9. "Long as we got love, love, love."

10. "Give me another hour or two, hour with you."

11. "Got me lookin' forward to weekends with you, baby, with you, baby."

12. "You do whatever I want, get whatever I want, get whatever I need, it's about love."

"Broken Clocks"

13. "You gon' make me late to work again."

14. "Better day than yesterday, I just take it day by day."

15. "Still love, and it's still love, and it's still love."

16. "Nothin' but love for you, nothin' but love."

17. "Heartbeat make me feel young again."

"Garden (Say It Like Dat)"

18. "Need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from."

19. "Can you remind me of my gravity? Ground me when I'm tumblin', spiralin', plummetin' down to Earth, you keep me down to Earth."

20. "Lie to me and say my booty gettin' bigger even if it ain't."

21. "Love me even if it rain, love me even if it pain you, I know I be difficult."

22. "Hoping I'll never find out that you're anyone else, 'cause I love you just how you are."

23. "Can you hold me when nobody's around us?"

"Wavy (Interlude)" ft. James Fauntleroy

24. "I was wavy, I've been waitin' for you, boy."

"The Weekend"

25. "I gotta say, I'm in the mood for a little bit more of that."

26. "Make him lose his mind every weekend."

SZA's songs are firmly in the category of "sad girl hours" music, but they're still whimsical enough to make you want to twirl around the kitchen with your lover. If that doesn't sound like the perfect vibe for an Insta caption, I don't know what does.

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