Stranger Things-Inspired Recipes On TikTok For Waffley Good Halloween Parties

Take your festivities to an Eleven.

While Stranger Things Season 4 is not set to premiere on Netflix until 2022, the spooky season is always a great time to revisit Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside Down. You may even want to rewatch the previous seasons with your party crew or host a get-together along with some Stranger Things-inspired recipes from TikTok for Halloween, of course. Just like Eleven is always craving some Eggo waffles, your guests will be hungry for something sweet and savory to snack on while you’re hanging out all together.

While there are plenty of Eggo-inspired recipes on TikTok that everyone will love a waffle lot, there are also demogorgon pizzas and Scoops Ahoy milkshakes to give your menu tons of variety. If everyone is 21 and up, you may even want to mix up some Stranger Things drinks for your guests to sip on.

If you’re planning a big Stranger Things-themed party, you’ll also want to hang up some Christmas lights like in the Byers’ home and set up a photobooth with Stranger Things props ($15, Party City) for tons of group pics. Everyone can come dressed as their fave characters, like the Scoops Ahoy crew or Eleven in her pink dress, and dance to ‘80s tunes like the theme from The Neverending Story. Since you have these nine Stranger Things recipes on TikTok to handle the Halloween food and drinks, you have one less thing to worry about.

Oatmeal Waffles

While Eleven may enjoy Eggo waffles, take this opportunity to make your friends some homemade oatmeal waffles. This recipe from TikToker @lace.up_ shows you how to make some delicious oatmeal waffles from scratch. While waffles may seem like a weird party food, it could be really fun to have a waffle bar set up at your party where people can top off their waffles with whatever they like. For the full Eleven meal, you’ll want to have bowls of M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, and chocolate chips with some whipped cream as well.

Stranger Things Macarons

You won’t be macaron choice by making these Stranger Things macarons for your friends. Inspired by the series, TikToker @sstranger..ssnacks makes these traditional vanilla macarons that are supposed to look like reality versus the Upside Down. Since this is a standard macaron recipe, you can really decorate your treats how you would like. You could even draw little Christmas light bulbs or Scoops Ahoy anchors on them with icing for more variety.

Christmas Lights Cupcakes

While this tutorial from TikToker @cosplaymom99 doesn’t show you how to make cupcakes. It does show you how to perfectly decorate some store-bought treats for some Stranger Things Christmas lights cupcakes. You’ll want to get some black icing for the strings, M&Ms for bulbs, and sugar letters ($2, Amazon) to place underneath to really look like the Christmas light setup from Season 1.

Demogorgon Pizza

For something savory, make this homemade demogorgon pizza. Just shape your pizza dough like a demogorgon and top with some sauce and cheese, like TikToker @strangerxthingsxwaffels does. Place some black olives all around to look like the demogorgon’s teeth, bake, and you’re ready to serve.

Scoops Ahoy Shake

In Season 3, Steve Harrington gets a summer job at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor in the Starcourt Mall. This milkshake from TikToker @sincitybartender is inspired by that iconic spot. To make your very own Scoops Ahoy shake, you’ll need some butter pecan ice cream, brown sugar, and milk all blended together. That’s it — the inside scoop.

Upside Down Cocktail

For something more sinister, TikToker @sincitybartender also has this recipe for an Upside Down drink. The luster dust added to the cocktail really gives it the Upside Down feel. Plus, you’ll need dark rum, blackberry schnapps, lemon juice, and club soda mixed together to make this boozy and delicious beverage.

Stranger Things Cupcakes

For more cupcake decoration inspo, check out TikToker @trophycupcakes’ video making some Stranger Things cupcakes. There are some Christmas lights cupcakes, quote cupcakes, and cutest of all, some waffle cupcakes. To make the waffle design, get some light brown icing and spread it on top while using any leftover icing to create the waffle lines. Sprinkle some salt on top for a sweet and salty combo.


Cakesicles have become a must-have for parties. They’re similar to cake pops, but you can really decorate cakesicles with fun designs like TikToker @dolcebakes_ does with these Stranger Things cakesicles. You’ll first want to get some cakesicle molds ($14, Amazon) and some melting candy or chocolate. These Easy Candy bags ($12) from Fancy Sprinkles make everything super, well, easy since all you need to do is melt the candy inside and pour it into your molds.

Once that’s done, add in your cake or rice krispie treats, and top off with more melted candy or chocolate. After everything has cooled, this is when you get to decorate with Stranger Things-inspired designs like @dolcebakes_. You can even find the same waffle silicone molds ($5) on Etsy for really cute cakesicles.

Triple Decker Eggo Waffles

If you want to know exactly how to make Eggo waffles the way Eleven likes them, follow TikToker @dianaloya89’s tutorial. First, grab some Eggos, Reese’s Pieces, jelly beans, chocolate chips, and whipped cream from the store. Once your waffles are ready, stack them with a layer of whipped cream and chocolate chips in between. For the final touch, add some more whipped cream to the top and sprinkle on your Reese’s Pieces, jelly beans, and chocolate chips.