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Not Everyone Will Be Eager To Smell The Roses When Spring Starts

For these four signs, this season will be whatever.

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Winter has officially come to an end, and while many zodiac signs are eagerly awaiting warmer weather and longer days, there are a select few that may be more hesitant to say goodbye to the colder months. Since the spring equinox coincides with the start of Aries season, every zodiac sign will notice a surge in this cardinal, fiery energy somewhere in their birth charts — but it won’t necessarily be an energy that everyone benefits from. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a sign that’s eager to initiate and take action, and while this may support some signs, others won’t be as eager to embrace the impatient energy of the springtime. Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces will be affected the least by the March 20, 2022 spring equinox, but there will definitely still be some emphasis in each of these sign’s birth charts somewhere.

The spring equinox is considered to be the start of the astrological new year, meaning that it’s a time that propels each of us forward in a very dynamic way. Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces individuals don’t belong to the cardinal modality, meaning that this assertive energy doesn’t support their innate behaviors. Because of this, they may have a more challenging time with Aries season, but the sun traveling through this part of their charts can still shine a light on topics they may need to confront during this time. Here’s how each of these signs can expect to be affected during this season:

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As the fixed earth sign of the zodiac, your patient, stable energy isn’t necessarily supported by the spring equinox, and as the sun makes its way through your 12th house of seclusion, you’ll be inclined during this season to draw your energy inward. While you may not notice significant activity in your life during this time, it is a great time to rest, and prepare for your own season that’ll begin April 19. Now is the perfect time to direct some of this active, assertive energy towards your mental health and alone time — how are you prioritizing your inner world? It’s the one area of your chart that calls for you to lean into your independence, and now is the perfect time to explore that further.


On March 20, the sun will shift into your eighth house of shared resources and other people’s burdens, emphasizing a need to set and maintain healthy boundaries during this year’s spring equinox. You oftentimes tend to play the role of the “fixer” in other people’s lives, and now is the perfect time to assess whether or not the people you’ve been trying to help actually want to improve their situations. This is the perfect season to keep in mind that it’s not your responsibility to take on other people’s issues, especially if the relationship isn’t reciprocal. Aries season is a reminder to put yourself first.


As the fixed, Mars-ruled sign of the zodiac, Aries is a sign that shares your ruling planet, but its expression is incredibly different from how you express your assertive, resilient nature. As the sun makes its way through your sixth house this season, you’ll be prompted to set your sights on your daily habits, work, health, and routines. While this area of the chart may feel somewhat mundane, getting the affairs of this house in order can help you to establish the security in life you’re ultimately looking for. Just try not to push yourself too hard during this season, your responsibilities aren’t go anywhere — there’s no rush.


As your season comes to a close on March 20, you’ll notice a shift in priorities as the sun moves from your first house of self into your second house of money and resources. This is an excellent time to take a close look at your finances, to ensure they’re in order, and to also be mindful of overspending or disposing of your funds quicker than usual. Aries is a cardinal, fire sign, so be sure to be mindful of your impulses during this season. This could be a great time to lean more into your independent nature when it comes to your resources — it doesn’t make you any less generous by putting your own needs first.

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