Why don't I have Spotify Wrapped Audio Day? Here’s why.

Why Is My Spotify Audio Day Not Showing Up? Here’s Why You Can't See It

Maybe you’ll get some “golden hour cottagecore” vibes next year.

Courtesy of Spotify

The way Spotify completely dominates the internet when the annual Spotify Wrapped results drop is seriously impressive. The music streaming platform released its annual listener analytics on Nov. 30 in a series of vibrant stories, detailing your top genres, most-listened to artist, and even your Listening Personality. One new feature, called Audio Day, caused a lot of chatter among listeners thanks to its hyper-specific (and sometimes not-so-accurate) reads on how you listen to music throughout the day. Not everyone was gifted with the new feature, though, and if you’re wondering why your Spotify Audio Day isn’t showing up, here’s what you should know.

This year’s Spotify Wrapped had plenty of exciting debut features, from expanding personalized Artist Messages to Listening Personalities modeled after Meyers-Briggs. Spotify’s new Audio Day feature is “an interactive story that gives you a peek into how your music taste evolves throughout the day,” per Spotify’s Nov. 30 For The Record blog post. If you didn’t see it in your Wrapped, you might not know exactly what that means. The Audio Day story describes your morning, afternoon, and night with keywords such as “creative, peaceful, and relaxing,” which showed up in my personal Audio Day. It also digs into more “niche moods,” per the blog post, which can run the gamut from cottagecore to pumpkin spice to golden hour.

It’s interesting to see how your mood changes throughout a day as seen in your music choices, but not everyone got to see how they played their way from morning to night. As it turns out, you need to meet certain Spotify requirements to have access to Audio Day — and plenty of Wrapped devotees were left out of the fun.

Why Don’t I Have Spotify Wrapped Audio Day?

If you’re bummed you didn’t get a savage read in the form of an Audio Day slide, fear not, you can prepare if the feature comes back next year. According to Spotify, there are certain requirements for Audio Day. You much listen to at least three tracks over three different days for each part of the day (morning, night or evening). Essentially, you need to have listened to at least nine songs throughout the day across three timeframes, and you need to have done that for a minimum of three days. If you think you may have done that, but still don’t see it, you may just have a block of non-listening time that didn’t coincide with the feature’s requirements.

The cutoff times for what counts as each part of the day is as follows:

  • Morning: 6 a.m. to noon.
  • Afternoon: Noon to 5 p.m.
  • Evening: 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.

If you have Audio Day, you’ve successfully passed the test in a wide range of listening hours and tracks. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Audio Day, there’s no way of knowing which specific category in Spotify’s criteria you didn’t meet. Nevertheless, whether you’re a morning, afternoon, or evening music listener, you know your music tastes best. So, keep streaming your favorite songs and maybe you’ll get Audio Day — and a window into whether you’re more “cottagecore” or “sad boi” — next year.