Here’s How To Find Your Personalized Spotify Wrapped For 2022

What’s your listening personality?

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It’s hard to believe the year is almost coming to a close, and 2023 is in 31 days (!!). But you can still wrap up 2022 with a bang, and Spotify’s Wrapped. The music streaming platform dropped its annual analysis of your listening habits on Nov. 30 with all your favorite artists, songs, and podcasts. Let’s be honest, you and Spotify both know how many times you’ve played Taylor Swift’s Midnights album on repeat. Before you start sharing, you’ll want to know how to find Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped results.

For some, Spotify Wrapped is the chance to shine as the top 0.1% fan of your favorite artist. For others, it’s about exploring the new genres you’ve discovered in the past year. Since 2016, Spotify has allowed its listeners to understand their own music taste better by showing them everything they listened to in the past year. And in 2022, you can find out how your music preferences shifted throughout your day with the new “Audio Day” story, or what your music says about your personality in “Your Listening Personality.”

You might want to prepare yourself, because your Instagram Story feed is about to be a whole lotta Spotify Wrapped shares. If you like to share, Spotify makes it easy for you to share the story to your socials, with WhatsApp and Line new to 2022. Before you press play, here’s how to find it on your Spotify app.

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How To Find Spotify 2022 Wrapped Results

There’s so many ways you can access your personalized Spotify 2022 Wrapped results. Firstly, make sure your Spotify app is updated to the latest version (8.7.78). Wrapped is available exclusively to mobile users with Spotify on iOS or Android devices.

Just open the app and you’ll spot the 2022 Wrapped hub: Per Spotify, you won’t miss the Wrapped announcements on “banners on Home, Search and Library as well as a full ‘Your 2022 in Review’ shelf on Home.” So, keep your eyes peeled for those banners in the app.

Another option is to search for “2022 Wrapped” in the search bar, according to Spotify. You’ll find all your top songs from 2022, neatly wrapped in a personalized album and mixes made for you. Finally, you can also find your personalized Wrapped here beginning Nov. 30.

Apart from having all your favorite songs in one place, Spotify is also releasing over 40,000 artist messages, with the likes of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, in a personalized feed to thank their fans. So, turn up the volume and start jamming to those sweet 2022 beats to countdown to the new year.

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