Spotify Wrapped’s new Listening Personality feature is super complex. Here's how it works.

Spotify Wrapped’s New Listening Personality Feature Is Super Complex

Devotees are the new INFJs.

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Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify Wrapped knows pretty much everything about you — which artists know how to make your cry, which songs you spin when the door is closed, and now, what your taste in music says about your personality. Upon its return on Nov. 30, the annual event rolled out a new Listening Personality feature that takes all the elements of your favorite tracks and combines them into a specialized description of your music taste. But what is your Spotify Wrapped Listening Personality, and what goes into determining which of the 16 categories you fall into? Here’s the rundown on how the new feature works.

Move over, Myers-Briggs, because Spotify Wrapped’s Listening Personality is about to become the new standard for personality tests. OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s definitely going to change the way you think about your music taste. The best part is, you don’t even have to take a test to get your results — the new Listening Personality feature automatically assigns users one of 16 personality types based on the music they listen to and the way they listen to music. It’s kind of like the Audio Aura from last year’s Wrapped, but way better.

Courtesy of Spotify

Here’s how Spotify Wrapped determined each Listening Personality, so you can get a better understanding of your new personality type.

How Spotify Finds Your Listening Personality

According to a blog post on the Spotify website, each user’s personality traits are determined based on four metrics:

  • Familiarity (F) vs. Exploration (E)
  • Loyalty (L) vs. Variety (V)
  • Timelessness (T) vs. Newness (N)
  • Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U)

So, if you noticed a series of random letters attached to your personality type, that’s what they stand for. The Adventurer is an ENVU, the Early Adopter is an ENVC, the Deep Diver is an FTVU, and Devotees are FNLUs. Once again, it’s giving major Myers-Briggs vibes.

OK, now you know what the letters stand for, but they’re still pretty pointless if you don’t know how they’re factored into your results. In order to get your official personality type assignment, Spotify has to weigh the metrics against one another to determine which letters make up your personality first. For example, Spotify weighs whether you’re always coming back to your favorite artists (Familiarity), or if you like to sample new artists (Exploration) to determine if your Listening Personality falls in line with an F-type or an E-type.


Spotify also weighs whether you’re always going back to the same old tunes or if you enjoy spinning through a larger catalogue of music to discern if you’re Loyal to your music taste, or if you’re all about the Variety.

As for figuring out the other letters in your personality type, Spotify has to determine if you listen to brand new music right when it comes out (Newness), or if you prefer the classics (Timelessness), and if you listen to mostly popular artists or if you’re all about the underground. After all that is factored in, you’re gifted with one of the following 16 Listening Personality types:

  • The Adventurer
  • The Early Adopter
  • The Deep Diver
  • The Devotee
  • The Replayer
  • The Connoisseur
  • The Maverick
  • The Fan Clubber
  • The Top Charter
  • The Enthusiast
  • The Time Traveler
  • The Musicologist
  • The Nomad
  • The Voyager
  • The Jukeboxer
  • The Specialist

Your final Listening Personality is really just the tip of the iceberg, though, because there’s so much that goes into it.

What Your Listening Personality Means

So what does your new personality type say about you? Spotify describes Adventurers as seekers of sound who are willing to “venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts” and newer tracks. Deep Divers, on the other hand, explore the depths of the catalogues of their favorite artists, while Devotees know all the words to all the hits, deep cuts, live performances, and everything in between.

Early Adopters make sure to stay on top of the “pulse of new music, always seeking the next hot thing.” There’s quite a bit of crossover between some of the categories, like the Fan Clubbers and the Devotees or the Specialists and the Deep Divers, but the distinctions between the different categories lay within the letters that make up your Listening Personality.

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