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Spotify Wrapped Has So Many New Features, Including A Game And Your "Audio Aura"

You can even share your Wrapped story directly to TikTok.

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Spotify Wrapped is back, which means you can discover which tunes you had on repeat throughout the year. Music lovers can take advantage of the fun story that appears in their Spotify app and gives personalized playlists you can save, which feature songs and artists you just couldn’t stop listening to. As you start looking through your results, you might notice there are some new slides you’ve never seen before. Here’s everything to know about Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 new features, including 2021: The Movie, Your Audio Aura, and more.

Spotify announced its Wrapped 2021 results are officially available for global and personalized insights on Wednesday, Dec. 1. Although you’ll notice a lot of familiar features — like your Top 100 songs and Top Artists — there are also some new ones in the results that make it even more fun. For example, as you’re browsing through your results, you’ll notice your top songs tie in with a personalized movie soundtrack, a music mood “aura,” and more. Here’s everything to know about the new features.

1. 2021: The Movie

The Movie brings some of your top songs and puts them into a special “movie soundtrack” just for you. The first part of your Spotify Wrapped results will showcase the movie-themed cards and match them with common tropes, such as a song for opening credits, one for when you “proclaim your love in the rain,” and “the song playing as you defeat the ancient vengeful spirit.”

According to Spotify, the tracks come from some of your top songs.


2. Your Audio Aura

Spotify created this feature with an aura expert. It’s meant to “visualize your audio aura based on your top two music moods.” The Audio Aura gives you a customized color swatch and describes what your main music vibe is. For example, you might get a blue shade with the “wistful and cozy” aura if you listen to a lot of indie pop, folk-pop or songs that have an autumn vibe like the tracks on Taylor Swift’s Folklore album.


3. Playing Cards (Two Truths And A Lie)

There’s a fun interactive feature in Spotify Wrapped 2021 that tests your knowledge of your listening habits. With this feature, you’ll see the prompt, “How well do you know you?” before the screen switches to say, “Let’s play two truths and a lie.” Then, you’ll see three different cards on the screen with facts. Two of the facts about your listening habits are true, while one is a lie. You’ll need to tap on what you think is a false statement. If you get it right, the app will tell you what fact should’ve been there instead.

Courtesy of Spotify

It’s all based on your listening data, and the game will change as you watch the Wrapped 2021 story again and again.

4. 2021 Wrapped: Blend

Spotify launched a new Wrapped for Blend that will show up if you’ve created a Spotify Blend with a friend. It’s not in the personalized Wrapped story, but it will show up if you make a Blend.

5. Share Wrapped Story To TikTok

This feature isn’t as interactive, but it’s new for 2021 — and it’ll make it so much easier to share your results to TikTok. Simply tap on the share prompt at the bottom of any card in your Wrapped story, and you’ll see TikTok as an option.

With so many new ways to explore your listening habits from the past year, your 2021 Wrapped might keep you busy all the way into 2022.

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