11 Spotify Wrapped 2022 memes that are too accurate.

11 Spotify Wrapped Memes That Will Crack You Up

Me pretending to be shocked about my Spotify Wrapped. 😱

Courtesy of Spotify

It’s that time of the year again where you get the deep dive you didn’t asked for into all your friends’ Spotify listening habits. Yep, it’s Spotify Wrapped 2022’s time to shine. The music platform’s annual detailed summary of your music ~preferences~ is taking over Instagram Stories and feeds everywhere. Whether you love it or hate it, there is one good thing to come from the annual event: memes. Fans on Twitter are popping off with hilarious Spotify Wrapped 2022 memes of how they’re feeling about this year’s results.

Here’s the thing about a love-hate relationship with Spotify Wrapped. You probably already know who your favorite artists are, but it doesn’t hurt to know you’re in the top 0.1% of listeners. It’s even more impressive if you were able to make a later-in-the-year album release pop up on your Wrapped — all you Midnights super-fans really put in the work. For even more meme-worthy content, this year’s Wrapped also has new features like how your music taste changed throughout an Audio Day, which includes music vibes for the morning, the day, and the night, as well as which Listening Personality you are, revealed in Myers-Briggs fashion.

Sometimes, it feels like Spotify knows you better than you know yourself. Whether you wait all year for Spotify Wrapped to drop or you dread the moment your feed is flooded with endless cards of Wrapped stories, these memes will crack you up.

Courtesy of Spotify

Everyone has that one song. Mine is “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals.

TFW, your song choices reflect your mood.

No one really knows you until they’ve seen your Spotify Wrapped.

Remember, Spotify Wrapped doesn’t define you. It’s OK to be blasting sad ballads one minute, then EDM beats the next.

Spotify, if you’re reading this, the listeners want a full details — and I know you have it.

You probably had absolutely no idea you played the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” on repeat.

The people have spoken, and they want to see your Spotify Wrapped.

No need to call everyone out like that. 😭

Check in on your homies listening to Frank Ocean’s entire album.

Sometimes, Spotify is scarily accurate.

Of course, there has to be a little Apple Music shade. (No hard feelings, Apple Music Replay.)

Spotify Wrapped has been going strong since 2016, and as the experience gets built out more and more, it seems people have more and more to say about it. Can’t wait to see what chaos next year’s results will bring.