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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Libra New Moon Is A Balancing Act

Fly high, social butterfly.

Have you been feeling flirtier and more social than usual? If so, it’s probably because you’re being personally affected by the Venusian energy of Libra season. As a cardinal air sign, Libra is all about unity, balance, and socialization; it’s a sign that prioritizes being liked and getting along with everyone, regardless of how challenging of a task that may be. This energy is bound to reach its peak on Sept. 25, as the sun and moon conjoin here at 2 degrees, bringing forth a desire to connect, harmonize, and please the people around you. Since Libra is a sign concerned with ensuring the satisfaction of others, it can be easy to be knocked a bit off center during this time, causing you to feel at war when it comes to your authenticity and your desire to be accepted by others. The spiritual meaning of the September 2022 new moon in Libra is all about finding balance between your self-expression and your desire to be liked, and it’s bound to feel internally conflicting.

Libra is looking to pursue mental stimulation through connection and socialization, but it’s also a sign that prioritizes fairness and equality. During the upcoming new moon in Libra, you may be more concerned with enforcing justice in your life, particularly in your relationships. If you’ve been feeling out of alignment, this new moon is bound to restore a healthy equilibrium, as long as you don’t neglect your authenticity.

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When Is The September 2022 New Moon In Libra?

On Sept. 25, 2022 at 5:55 p.m. EST, the sun and moon will conjoin in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. As the sign of the sun’s fall, there may be difficulty prioritizing your independence and autonomy, since Libra as a sign is all about partnership and interdependence. While this is an ideal time to socialize and work on your connections with others, it’s important that you don’t water down what makes you a unique individual in order to be liked and accepted by others. This sign is also occupied with maintaining harmony, so the desire to be agreeable is currently at an all-time high. This may make it easier to connect with others on a surface level, but it may not leave you feeling fully satisfied. The spiritual meaning of this new moon is about finding common ground, without leaving yourself behind.

The house in your birth chart that governs Libra will be where you’ll notice the need to initiate changes on this day. This is the area where balance in your life is key, and where you may be more inclined to prioritize being a peacemaker. Sept. 25 will be a great time to resolve conflict and come to agreements, whether it be with yourself or other people. Libra is a sign all about restoring justice, so if there’s been any immoral activity going on, this new moon is bound to restore what’s fair.