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The Full Moon In Pisces Is Here, And It's Highlighting Your Biggest Dreams

Productivity is nothing without some inspiration.

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Virgo season is a time to get your act together, which I’m sure you’ve been doing over the last month or so. While this can be incredible for your daily tasks and to-do list, how have you actually been feeling lately? Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so it’s not exactly great at confronting and working through emotions. In fact, it may not feel productive to do so at this time. Contrary to what the Virgos in your life may tell you, emotions are essential and must be honored. The emotional meaning of the September 2021 full moon in Pisces is definitely a reminder of that, so if you’ve been feeling a little out of balance, it’s got you covered.

Full moons are a time when two houses in your birth chart are being activated, as the sun pours its light into the opposing house its in. This time around, it’ll occur on Sept. 20, 2021, in your Pisces-ruled house, asking that you balance your need for productivity with your emotional desires to dream big. Pisces is a mutable water sign all about the big picture — something that Virgo energy is, uh... not great at. On this day, you’ll be longing to achieve that balance, making it the perfect day to reflect on how you can incorporate striving toward your wildest, most unrealistic dream into your mundane daily life. This is a time to get creative, dream big, and allow yourself the room to go with the flow. I mean, how fun is it adhering to the same old boring schedule anyway?


The Full Moon In Pisces Takes Places On Sept. 20, 2021 At 7:54 p.m. ET

Emotions are an integral part of life, and they surely can’t be ignored — not for long at least. Full moons can remind you of that, because as human beings it’s easy to lean heavily into the energy of whatever sign the sun’s placed in (and currently, it’s in Virgo). While this energy is great for efficiency, emotional fulfillment tends to come last or not at all. Making space to feel your feels may sometimes feel unnecessary, but how can you know what to productively strive toward if you’re not in tune with your inner self? At some point, you’ll think to yourself, “What is the true meaning behind all of this?” This is where the Pisces energy comes in.

Pisces is a Jupiter-ruled sign, all about growth and expansion in a way that’s intuitive and adaptable. Pisces energy tends to do everything on a grand scale: dreams, creativity, and emotions, to name a few. While Virgo energy tends to excel when it’s given tiny details to obsess over, it’s important to be reminded to step back and take in the big picture. Emotionally, this can look like sitting with your feelings and realigning with your true purpose, if you feel like you’ve lost sight of it. This full moon is the perfect time to remind yourself what you’re doing all of this hard work for, and how to ensure that your heart is still in it when all the work is done.

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