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16 Moira-Inspired Gifts For The Schitt's Creek Fans In Your Life

You’ll be positively bedeviled with gift ideas.

by Rachel Chapman and Ani Bundel
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What's not to love about Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek? She is the matriarch of the family and an expert in high fashion with an enviable wig collection. Let's not forget her iconic performance in the Herb Ertlinger Winery commercial, either. If you have a mega Moira fan for a friend, you might want to consider getting them one of these Schitt's Creek Moira-inspired gifts with the holidays coming up.

There truly is no one quite like Moira, and Catherine O'Hara's Emmy-winning portrayal of her is what makes this character so lovable and hilarious at the same time. When rewatching the show on Netflix, you can’t help but look forward to Moira's most memorable scenes, such as when she instructs David on how to "fold in the cheese" and whenever she says "bébé." Take inspiration from these moments for your Schitt’s Creek-inspired gifts. For example, you can get your foodie friend some "fold in the cheese" towels for their kitchen, and the cozy queen in your squad needs a punny "bébé it's cold outside" sweatshirt.

You could even take inspo from Moira's closet for your Schitt’s Creek gift. While Moira's fabulous jewels and wigs might not be within your budget, a fuzzy hat or a pin with her best sayings sure can be. There are also Moira-inspired gifts that your friend can use everyday, like a mug or tote bag with your fave Moira Rose quote on it. The Moira possibilities are endless and anything but "irrelevant," so be sure to get your friends and family members a Schitt’s Creek gift that is Moira than just some pink carnations.

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Schitt's Creek Wine Labels

Who could forget Moira's Herb Ertlinger fruit wine commercial? As hard as it was for her to get through, it was hilarious to watch. While your friend rewatches this scene, they can enjoy some fruit wine from a bottle you give them with a Schitt's Creek wine label on it.


A Moira Rose Mug

If your friend is a coffee fan, get them a mug with one of Moira's quotes on it. This cup perfectly fits the vibe of needing another dose of caffeine with Moira's "I am positively bedeviled with meetings et cetera" line. Add some delicious tea with rose petals inside ($10, DAVIDsTEA) to stay on the rose theme.


This Moira Wig Notebook

Moira is never fully dressed without her wigs, and her impressive collection is something any stylish bestie would love to own. Give them this Moira-themed notebook that pays homage to some of her most iconic hairstyles.


A Black Faux Fur Hat

An iconic Moira lewk is her furry black hat. Get your friend something similar — for instance, this faux fur bucket hat from Etsy. It'll look extra cute in their #OOTD posts on the 'Gram or with whatever they’re wearing this winter.


An "Elect Moira Rose" Magnet

Show your support of Moira for Town Council with this "Elect Moira Rose" magnet. It is the perfect gift to get your friend who is both into civics and loves Moira on Schitt's Creek. They can display their fictional support next to their IRL support on their car's back bumper.


A The Crows Have Eyes Poster

Another item from the Schitt's Creek shop is this The Crows Have Eyes movie poster. If only this movie existed, it would be the top choice for many a movie night among fans. Regardless, your friend can show their love for Moira by hanging up this movie poster in their apartment or dorm room.


A "Fold In The Cheese" Towel

The "fold in the cheese" scene is one of Schitt's Creek's top iconic moments, and to be honest, fans are still unsure what it means to fold in the cheese. Either way, your foodie friend will love having some new Moira-inspired dish towels for their kitchen whenever they want to try and make some family recipe enchiladas.

A Moira Rose Candle

As the officiant at David's wedding, Moira wears a show-stopping outfit that many fans feel #blessed to have seen. Pay homage to that over-the-top ‘fit by getting your Moira-loving friend a prayer candle. After all, a candle is always a great gift idea.


A "Bébé It's Cold Outside" Sweatshirt

No matter what time of year it is, with the right attitude, bébé, it's cold outside. Get your friend who loves being cozy in the winter (or the air-conditioned summer) a punny Moira sweatshirt. Throughout the show, Moira pronounces baby as "bébé" in her one-of-a-kind accent, so of course, you can find some super cute "bébé it's cold outside" sweaters on Etsy like this one.


Moira Rose Pin

Most people look in the mirror and take off one accessory before leaving the house. Moira looks in the mirror and adds two. Though most of her stylish bling is far out of the reach of mere mortals, that doesn't mean fans can't accessorize with Moira's sayings. Add this enamel pin to the collar of your denim jacket or on your fave backpack.


Schitt’s Creek Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wine Tote Bag

When heading to the beach, your friend’s place, or the park, it's always best to take a bag of supplies, whether that be sunscreen or wine. Even if day-drinking fabulously on a blanket isn't in the cards, you can always help Moira rep the best worst fruit wine in existence with this Redbubble Herb Ertlinger tote bag.


“Drive Safe Bébé” Keychain

Fans can take Moira's well wishes wherever they go with a Moira Rose keychain from Etsy. Moira may prefer her rides chauffeured, but having her bid her biggest fans to drive safely will always make traveling more fun.


Moira Rose Vintage Tee

These ‘90s-inspired vintage-looking tees are super trendy and cute. Your friend will love this Moira version featuring some of her best looks. They can even wear it with their favorite pair of jeans all year long.


Moira-Inspired Press-On Nails

Like Moira, your friend is always dressed to impress. They may even like to match their nails to their ‘fits, which is why you’ll want to get them some press-on nails. These black design nails look like something Moira would definitely wear with all her black and white OOTDs. These would even make great gifts for all your sorority sisters.


A Luxurious Facial Mask

Before ending up in Schitt’s Creek, Moira Rose was used to living the luxe life. Give your friend a high-end gift that Moira would love like an exfoliating mask. This particular mask is meant to revive your dull skin and soften any fine lines or wrinkles. It’s great for an at-home facial whenever you want to treat yourself.


Schitt's Creek On Netflix

What fans want is more Moira, and that means rewatching Schitt's Creek. With the series now over, all six seasons are available for streaming on Netflix, and the service makes a great gift no matter what time of year it is or how many assets the feds seized from your mansion.

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