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The End Of Saturn Retrograde Will Affect Every Sign In A *Major* Way

You can finally press "play" again.

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Where does your mind go when you hear the word “retrograde”? If it makes you want to run for the hills, you’re not alone. A planet like Mercury stations retrograde three times each year, and it doesn’t seem to get any less annoying. Saturn retrogrades are far less common — happening about once every year — but this tends to make the effects far more intense, so it feels like a lose-lose situation. Saturn is the planet of discipline, limitations, and boundaries and has been retrograde since May 23, making it far more difficult to implement structure in your life. Saturn will finally be stationing direct on Oct. 10 though, so you can let out a sigh of relief because the end of Saturn retrograde 2021 will affect every zodiac sign in a major way.

When the planets are traveling at their normal speed, things associated with that planet tend to follow a pretty linear, progressive path. When they begin to slow down and station retrograde, it can definitely shake things up, especially when a planet like Saturn goes retrograde. Thankfully, Saturn’s been retrograding through Aquarius, the sign that it rules, so it’s still been in familiar territory. However, the house Aquarius governs over in your birth chart has been experiencing a lot of upheavals and reversals over the last several months. Now is the time to finally move forward.

Here’s how each zodiac sign will be affected by Saturn’s direct station:


Aries: Your Friendship Limitations Will Be Lifted

Since Saturn retrograde began on May 23, you’ve been called to reevaluate your friendships and alliances. You may have lost a few friends by implementing necessary boundaries, but it needed to be done. Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10 will provide you with the energy you need to create healthy, long-lasting bonds, but you may find yourself being a bit more selective about who you initially call your friend. This discernment is incredibly helpful tool, and can ensure that the company you keep is worth your time and effort.

Taurus: Your Career Endeavors Will Finally Start To Move Forward

As an incredibly patient individual, you’ve been working diligently to climb up the ladder when it comes to your career. Saturn retrograde has likely required you to take some steps back, testing your patience levels and making you question your next steps. The good thing is, it’s required you to double down on your vocational endeavors, and as Saturn stations direct on Oct. 10, you’ll start to notice a big difference. Now is the time to ask for that raise or apply for that new job. You’ve got the work ethic to back it up, and Saturn can finally work in your favor.

Gemini: Your Spirituality Is Progressing Forward Again

Since Saturn has been retrograde in your ninth house of knowledge and spirituality, it’s probably been somewhat challenging to obtain newfound knowledge and wisdom over the last few months; something that you really live for. As the curious air sign of the zodiac, you’re constantly seeking to learn new things. Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10 will finally propel you forward in your studies. Since you tend to struggle maintaining consistency, the energy of Saturn in Aquarius will prompt you to double down a bit and finish any new learning endeavors that you start.

Cancer: Setting Boundaries In Relationships Has Been A Challenge, But It’s Finally Improving

As the nurturer of the zodiac, you tend to struggle maintaining boundaries between yourself and others. Saturn traveling through your eighth house has really made this known. Over the last few months, you may have had to part ways with certain people who weren’t respecting your boundaries, which has been a painful but necessary choice. Saturn tends to be the cause of our most difficult lessons, but the worst is definitely over now. Saturn retrograde comes to an end on Oct. 10, making it much easier for you to weed out people who take advantage of you. Remember, you don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable for the sake of someone else.

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Leo: Romantic Relationships Have Been A Challenge

Leo, there’s been so much emphasis on your romantic relationships lately. Saturn’s been retrograde in your seventh house since May 23, asking that you reevaluate any limitations stemming from a partnership that could be hindering your self-expression. As the sun-ruled sign of the zodiac, Saturn is your biggest enemy; it’s cold and dry energy causes things to be tense and rigid, which is how your romantic endeavors have likely been feeling. The good thing is that Saturn is stationing direct on Oct. 10, making it easier for you to maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships without having to dim your light.

Virgo: Your Health And Daily Routines Have Been Reworked

Your daily routines and habits are an essential part of your life, and as Saturn has retraced its steps through your sixth house, you’ve likely been reevaluating your relationship with your daily responsibilities. It may have been challenging to find a healthy rhythm within your routines, but it’s important that you cut yourself some slack. Obsessing over fine details can cause you to miss out on the big picture, and thankfully with Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10, you’ll be much more prompted to prioritize more rest and relaxation. Saturn’s influence will still be felt, but you’ll have a much better handle on it this time around.

Libra: Sexual And Creative Endeavors Have Required Your Attention

As the romantic, partnership-oriented sign of the zodiac, this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius has potentially caused a bit of a dry spell in your love life. The good thing is, it’s prompted you to reevaluate your relationship with intimacy, and allowed you to come out of this retrograde with a clear head. You’re someone who can struggle with implementing boundaries when it comes to your romantic endeavors, but this retrograde has prompted you to set some ground rules. With Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10, you’ll be feeling much more confident in your ability to maintain healthy boundaries when it comes to your connections.

Scorpio: Your Home and Family Matters Are Finally Being Resolved

You tend to be a pretty private person, and that rings even more true when it comes to your family. Saturn’s been retrograde in your fourth house since May 23, reworking your dynamics at home. This retrograde could’ve prompted some tension between family or roommates to rear its ugly head, or you could have moved to new place altogether. Either way, you’ve learned a lot about what kind of environment you require within your humble abode, and Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10 will allow you to make the necessary changes in order to keep the peace.

Sagittarius: Communication Will Become Much Easier

You’ve been going through your own personal struggles with communication lately, which has been extremely challenging considering how much you love to share wisdom. Saturn has been retrograding through your third house since May 23, making it challenging for you to vocalize your thoughts and opinions. On the other hand, this has given you plenty of time to do some internal reflection, and on Oct. 10, you’ll begin to feel more prepared to drop your little nuggets of wisdom.

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Capricorn: Your Finances And Personal Resources Will Be Much More Manageable

As the goal-oriented sign of the zodiac, your money is something you usually tend to have a firm grasp on. Since Saturn has been retrograde in your second house of possessions though, you’ve likely found it a bit more challenging than usual to get a handle on your finances. Since Saturn is the ruler of your chart, you’ve been feeling this retrograde more than most. But on Oct. 10, you’ll finally start to feel like yourself again. If your money has been a bit stagnant, expect things to start progressing forward again along with this Saturn direct station.

Aquarius: Your Relationship With Self-Discipline Is Improving

Having Saturn retrograde through your first house of self hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, but it’s definitely prompted you to improve your relationship with your self-discipline. The retrograde has taught you so much about who you are, and Saturn stationing direct on Oct. 10 will continue to do just that. Staying true to yourself doesn’t mean you have to rebel against any form of structure. Willpower is important, and this Saturn direct station will teach you all about that. Your biggest obstacle is a fear of change, but Saturn says that change is a necessary part of growth.

Pisces: Your Mental Health Is Moving In The Right Direction

Saturn’s been retracing its steps through your 12th house of mental health and bad habits for quite some time now, probably making it difficult for you to overcome any negative thinking patterns. What Saturn is good for is reminding us that if we want something, all it takes is time and discipline. You’ve learned a lot about your mental health over the last few months, and on Oct. 10, Saturn’s direct station will prompt you to use all of the lessons you’ve learned during the retrograde as a way to implement stronger discipline tactics when it comes to your wellness. While you may see Saturn as a stick in the mud (being the mutable water sign that you are), it’s easily your best teacher.

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