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I Tried Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso" Ice Cream & That's That Me

Want to know what the Van Leeuwen treat tastes like? I dream-came-trued it for ya.

Sabrina Carpenter’s been working late as a singer, so she deserves to treat herself. That’s where her latest collab comes in. The Short n’ Sweet crooner teamed up with ice cream brand Van Leeuwen to create a limited-time combination inspired by her hit song “Espresso,” and it more than lives up to the name.

The coffee-infused treat made its first appearance at Gov Ball in NYC on June 8, where Carpenter was headlining, which means some lucky fans at the summer music festival got to try it weeksss ahead of its official launch in stores and online on June 28.

Getting Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso Ice Cream May Be Tough RN

According to the brand, since this is limited-edition collab, “there will be no restock” once the ice cream sells out — and it already has online.

Even though Carpenter can't relate to desperation, those who still want to try the $12 Espresso ice cream should check their local store ASAP to see whether it’s still available.

My 4-Word Review: More Please Please Please

Not to brag, but I was fortunate enough to get a 14-ounce container sent to me around the launch (OK, a little bit of a brag), so any fans who may have missed their chance can at least know what the Espresso ice cream tastes like.

Van Leeuwen

When I go to any ice cream shop, the first flavor I look for is coffee. I know it’s not a typical fave like cookie dough or vanilla bean, but I love it. Anything with brownies mixed in is my second choice, so when I found out that this was an espresso-flavored ice cream *with* brownies? Carpenter really said, “dream-came-trued it for ya.”

It had a delicious morning coffee flavor that tasted like a perfectly sweetened latte. The brownie bits inside weren’t frozen or hard, which can sometimes be a problem with baked goods in ice cream. Instead, they were delightfully chewy and flavorful. It was like eating a brownie sundae with coffee ice cream.

I almost ate the entire thing in one sitting.

The other inclusions — chocolate chips and fudge swirls — were nice touches. The chips provided a fun crunch, while the fudge was like a burst of mocha flavor whenever you got some on your spoon. I almost ate the entire thing in one sitting, but had to stop myself so I could make it last longer.

I’m sooo upset this is sold out online and that I won’t be able to order it the next time I stop by my local Van Leeuwen. Since “Espresso” is undoubtedly the song of the summer, I’m begging Van Leeuwen to please please please restock this flavor for the season so I don’t have to be thinkin’ ‘bout it every night.

But Wait, There Is Another Option

If you want to try and recreate this at home, get yourself a pint of your fave coffee ice cream and mix it with a fresh baked brownie. You could even set up a DIY sundae bar with espresso ice cream for you and your besties to enjoy as you listen to Short n' Sweet when it drops on Aug. 23.