Young woman on a pink planet, which will be retrograde in February 2022.

February Will Be A (Mostly) Retrograde-Free Month

There are just a few days you’ll need to pay attention to.

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When it comes to astrology, nothing is feared more than a retrograde — and for good reason. After all, retrogrades tend to bring issues to the surface that you would much rather ignore. They’re also known for increasing the likelihood that something will malfunction or fall apart, because when a planet is undergoing apparent retrograde motion, that planet doesn’t *feel* like itself. Overall, retrogrades can lead to technical difficulties that put life on stand by. And if you’re already concerned about what planets will be retrograde during February 2022, feel free to take a chill pill. You’re taking a vacation from the disorientation, because it will be a (mostly) retrograde-free month.

However, retrogrades are always getting a bad rap, and sometimes the negative press doesn’t paint an accurate picture. Despite their confusing and often frustrating nature, retrogrades can be an incredibly illuminating experience. When a planet stations retrograde, it begins revealing hidden information and bringing you face to face with karma. As these retrograde planets retrace their steps throughout the zodiac, they kick up dust from your past that clouds your vision. Sometimes, a retrograde can even cause you to repeat the same mistake twice because you didn’t learn the lesson the first time. Don’t shoot the messenger, but there’s a reason retrogrades tend to resurrect ex-lovers from the dead.

It’s also important to acknowledge that not every retrograde is built the same. While certain planets might go into full chaos when they retrograde, others may look at the experience like a sabbatical. As a general rule of thumb, remember that the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) tend to have a more more dramatic and noticeable effect when retrograde than the outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto). The movements of the inner planets have a much stronger impact on your day-to-day life than the outer planets, which tend to affect your life over a lengthier period of time.

However, during the month of February, you won’t have to worry about either one of them... for the most part. Although the month begins with Mercury retrograde, it will come to an end by Feb. 3, marking the end of the last retrograde for the next two months. Take advantage of the free-flowing energy that will be at your disposal going forward.

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Mercury Is The Only Planet That Will Retrograde During February 2022

When February begins, you will be at the tail end of Mercury retrograde. This retrograde began on Jan. 14 in air sign Aquarius and it will end on Feb. 3 in earth sign Capricorn, bringing your attention to the way you spread ideas and bring them to fruition. By the time February starts, this retrograde will center on your ambition, your determination, and your commitment to whatever is at the forefront of your focus. If Capricorn cannot see a path ahead, it will either cut its losses or pave a way for itself. Once this retrograde comes to an end, you may realize that you no longer have the luxury of being able to waste time.

However, the story of Mercury retrograde never comes to an end the moment it stations direct. In fact, you’ll the begin experiencing the post-retrograde shadow, presenting you with a transition as the dizzying effects lessen gradually over the course of the next couple of weeks. And as Mercury joins forces with Pluto — planet of deep and dark truths — on Feb. 11, you may walk away with a climactic conclusion that becomes the final nail in the coffin.

One this retrograde comes to a close, you’ll be retrograde-free for quite a while. Make sure you use this time to start projects, gain momentum, and explore the world.