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The Upcoming New Moon Will Help You Forge New Relationships

You may even feel the urge to solve conflicts and tap into your ability to be a peacekeeper.

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Every 28 days, the moon embarks on a journey. Because the moon is the ruler of your emotions, your instincts, and your inner world, this journey affects you just as much as it affects the moon. Throughout it all, you are met with challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and moments of beauty. By the time it’s over, you’ve grown in countless ways. This celestial journey always begins on the new moon, providing you with a fresh foundation to work with, and the spiritual meaning of the October 2021 new moon in Libra is proof that each new moon is unique.

As the moon disappears from sight, the shadow of night wipes its slate clean, encouraging you to start something new. After all, this is when the sun and the moon sit directly on top of each other, forming an exact conjunction. Because the sun rules over your external self while the moon rules over your internal self, this conjunction induces a powerful spiritual alignment that lets you know exactly how you feel. It motivates you to let go of what is no longer serving you and to set a new intention to guide you forward. This makes the new moon a beautiful time to set your sights on a goal, because the energizing aura of a new moon will only give you a helpful boost toward success.

The full moon is directly connected to whatever was happening during the new moon. This is the moment you witness your goal come to fruition. All the choices you made, all the efforts you endured, and all the hope that you had eventually reaches a crescendo when the moon is at its fullest, revealing the result of all your hard work. However, in order for something to grow strong, it requires a sturdy foundation. The new moon provides you with that foundation.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming new moon in Libra:

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The New Moon In Libra Takes Place October 6 At 7:05 a.m. ET

This new moon will hit a chord in your relationships. After all, this new moon takes place in Libra, the zodiac sign of harmony, balance, and romance. This Venus-ruled air sign’s favorite thing in the world is making new friends, falling in love, and forging connections with others. On this new moon, you may feel a desire to do just that. You may even feel the urge to solve conflicts with others and tap into your ability to be a peacekeeper.

However, the energy of this new moon isn’t so clear cut. After all, this new moon takes place during Mercury retrograde, which presents you with a contradicting force of energy. As the new moon encourages you to focus on the future and what could be, Mercury retrograde is dragging you through the past, encouraging you to relive what may already be over. With Mercury retrograde creating confusion in the midst of this new moon, you may find that the past is catching up with you, forcing you to finally get a sense of closure or tie off loose ends.

Despite the fact that Libra is such a collected, charming, and polite zodiac sign, you might find that the energy of this new moon is surprisingly aggressive and emotional. Since it will join forces with hasty and impulsive Mars, it ups the ante and tests your limits. With Mars bringing its intensity into the mix, this new moon will be an especially ambitious one, helping you tap into your desire to fight for the reality you desire. However, your passion may feel equally as difficult to control, which could lead to unpredictable reactions in the process.

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