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The First New Moon After Halloween Will Shake Each Zodiac Sign To Their Core

This is serious astrological business.

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In astrology, the full moon tends to get all the credit for being the most intense and climactic moment of the 28-day lunar cycle. Even though the new moon is often a far less volatile experience, that doesn’t mean its bite won’t feel just as sharp. After all, the new moon is the moment that the moon — ruler of your internal self — forms a conjunction with the sun — ruler of your external self — evoking an opportunity for some major realizations about what move you’re ready to make next. When you hear about how the November 2021 new moon in Scorpio — the first new moon after Halloween — will affect your zodiac sign, you’ll never underestimate the power of the new moon again.

This post-#spookySZN new moon takes place in no-nonsense Scorpio, a fixed water sign that’s marked by a deep, fiery passion that may be slow to boil, but scorching in its ultimate effect. Scorpio is emotional, dramatic, obsessive, and prepared to do something drastic in order to get what it wants. Scorpio is either all in or not interested at all. There is rarely ever an in between. On this new moon, you should prepare to know exactly how you feel about something you’ve been wavering on.

Taking place on Nov. 4 at 5:14 p.m. ET, this new moon will be the first to occur after Halloween. However, that doesn’t mean the spook factor will be gone by then. After all, this new moon will oppose erratic, unpredictable, and revolutionary Uranus, which could lead to plenty of surprises that shake you to your core. Instead of shying away from uncertainty, Uranus embraces it. Uranus will throw away your carefully tailored plans and force you to go in a completely different direction. Why would Uranus do this, you ask? Because Uranus understands all the growth and innovation that can occur once something unexpected happens.

Here’s what each zodiacs sign can expect from this lunation:

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Think about the way you’re investing your time, money, and energy. It may be time to settle debts, tying off loose ends that have been holding you back. Set boundaries that allow you to preserve what you need and consider committing to something that has so much opportunity for longterm growth.


This is a new beginning for your relationships. It’s time to review where your relationships stand and consider what you need in order for your relationships to prosper and grow. Let go of negative relationship patterns and let go of what’s holding you back from partnerships that are marked by a healthy and inspiring love.


This new moon is all about establishing a routine that brings out the best in you. Think of all the goals, habits, and projects that you’d like to cultivate each and every day. This is not necessarily about establishing a strict regimen, but about creating a daily life that fulfills and inspires you in whatever way you see fit.


Think of all the creative projects you daydream about and all the fun activities you wish you could be doing. This new moon is about unpacking what’s preventing you from doing all of those things. Unleash your artistic side for all the world to see, because you deserve to express yourself and be loved for it.

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This new moon is helping you reconnect with your heart; with the part of you that wants to nurture and be nurtured. Pour your love and energy into cultivating a sacred space you can call your own. Build that sense of belonging that you deserve and spend time with the people who remind you who you are and where you come from.


If you have something to say, now’s the time to figure out how to say it. Let go of what’s preventing you from using the power of your voice so that you can unleash brilliant ideas. Embrace the give and take that comes with the process of communication, because you’re making new connections and learning new things.


This new moon will help you rediscover what you need in order to feel stable and grounded. Everyone needs a safety net, because it provides them with a feeling of security and self-reliance. Work on creating a foundation that’s sturdy enough to support whatever you want to create in the future.


You’re embracing the new and multidimensional you. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation, which means that every difficult experience allows you to grow exponentially. Embrace how your failures have taught you so much. Embrace the prospect of failing again and again until it starts to feel like success.



You may feel somewhat removed from the world, as though the power of your imagination is distracting you from the busy, internet-oriented world around you. Embrace this disconnection, because you’re not really disconnected. You’re fully in tune with your spirituality, making this a new moon centered on deep inner healing.


Give yourself permission to envision to universe you would like to live in. Tap into all the ways you can literally manifest that universe into reality. However, it all starts with your own community, so connect with likeminded individuals who want to make a difference i the world. This is such a powerful new moon for meaningful networking.


This new moon is helping you reconnect with your ambition and reframe your career goals. You project an energy out into the world, letting potential employers, followers, and colleagues know where your skills stand. Take control of that narrative and remind everyone — including yourself — what you’re capable of accomplishing.


You’re craving adventure, experience, and wisdom along the way. This new moon will provide you with all three, as long as you’re willing to embrace an open mind and take a chance on spontaneous interventions that may inconvenience you at first, but present you with so much potential in the long run.